Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our Honeymoon

I just got back from enjoying a week long vacation in Charleston with my boys, so I am just now catching up on my favorite even though I am a day late, I still wanted to participate in this fun link-up about honeymoons. :)  

Long story short, Luke and I both lived in Charleston before our wedding, flew to Colorado to get married {after a brief segway in Virginia to drop off our things}, and had to be living in Virginia permanently five days later...!  Needless-to-say, we didn't have time for an extended honeymoon on an exotic island.  And, to be perfectly honest, I am glad.
We stayed in the upper left cabin unit. 
We didn't see anyone come in or out of the other three cabins during our stay.

When many people think of the ideal honeymoon, they imagine being somewhere warm and far away for at least a week. Yet, our honeymoon was relatively short, cold, and just an hour from where we got married...and I wouldn't have changed a thing.

Taking in the views and beauty of the snow on a walk near our cabin.
The reason we had to be in Virginia so soon after our wedding is because of Luke's soccer contract starting--since the Catholic church doesn't typically celebrate weddings during Lent, we either had to get married on the one weekend between Easter and Luke's season starting or wait until September to get married.  We chose the former!!  March 28th isn't exactly prime wedding season, but there was no way we were waiting another 6 months!

Happy. In love.
Because of our time restraints, we planned a mountain get-away for immediately after our wedding and reserved a cruise for that September when Luke's season ended.  Don't get me wrong, the cruise was absolutely wonderful,
Yeah, that was pretty awesome, too :)

Our second honeymoon.
but our mountain retreat was the better choice for our immediate honeymoon. It was so nice just relaxing and being together, without worrying about being anywhere, or doing anything, else.

Mrs. Luke Vercollone--I'm a lucky girl!
After spending our wedding night at the hotel where we hosted our reception, we made the scenic hour long drive to Estes Park, Colorado, where we spent the next three nights.  We had our own little cabin unit...and our own hot tub...on our own balcony deck.  It was magical.  We loved sitting out in the hot tub, surrounded by snow {and often times, eating ice cream}.  The views were breathtaking.

Talk about a breathtaking view...see that guy on the left?!
He's mine ;)
We lived life slowly.  One night we went out for a nice dinner.  For at least a day we, literally, got snowed in and took a long walk, etching our initials in the snow and stopping to kiss just because.  We bought my favorite ice cream at the local grocery store and left it outside in the snow to keep it frozen.  We went to Mass together.  We both got sick but it didn't matter because we were together.  We visited the beautiful chapel at St. Malo's.  We walked along the main street in Estes to buy a few souvenirs.  We watched movies, snuggled up together in bed.  We cuddled on the couch, captivated by the flames dancing in the fireplace and talking about our dreams for our future.      
L.V. + A.V.
Most of all, we were just together.  

Yes, I did put on real clothes once or twice--here we are out to dinner.
Luke and I love thinking back on and reminiscing about our honeymoon, and one day we plan to make it back to the Fawn Valley Inn for a special vacation.         

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  1. The bare-boned, honest and simple situations are always the best, in my opinion. How beautiful! AND in CO too..yay :)