Sunday, October 16, 2011

Black, White, & Shades of Gray

When I left the house to go clothes shopping this morning, I reminded myself not to buy anything black, white, or gray. 

...And this is what I came home with:

I intended to buy this in periwinkle--promise-- but they didn't have my size at the store. :(
 Seriously??  EPIC FAIL.

Does anyone else have this problem??

 It's not that I don't like clothes in those colors, it's that I LOVE clothes in those colors
...and my closet is already full of them:  

Exhibit A: Candid snapshot of my closet.
For the past few years, it's actually been a goal of mine to be conscious about buying more colorful clothing, yet I still have a hard time sticking to it. 

When I left the house this morning, I had visions of fall sweaters and scarfs and fun earrings...all in bold COLORS!  But in my defense it's hard to have a successful shopping trip when your shopping companion is unpredictably squirming to get out of the stroller, crawling under dressing room doors, lunging out of my arms to run for jewelry displays, pleading for me to hold him, etc. 

We shopped for an hour, only made it to two stores and left with three items--only one of which has any aesthetic appeal-- and all in forbidden colors!

O'well, better luck next time. 

But let's be real, I am already planning on sneaking back to Motherhood Maternity for nursing tanks in black and gray...  

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