Thursday, August 18, 2011

Who's the Cutest Baby??

It looks like self-confidence isn't going to be a problem for our little guy :) {not that Luke and I had anything to do with his answers...}. 

And, by the way, "me" is the correct answer to the last two questions, too...about the potty and the tushie! 

Baby Updates: 19 months and 16 weeks

Last Friday, Baby A had his 18 month check-up {although he is really 19 months now}.  He is doing great!  The doctor was pleased to hear that he is using a fork and spoon.  Augustine also says over 30 words now, and the doctor said 10 was average for his age!  The doctor said he will probably begin saying sentences soon, as that tends to happen when a child's vocabulary gets to 30 or 40 words--crazy!  {He latest and cutest response lately is "nah-nah" with a head shake and a serious face = NO.  He says this in response to questions like: "Augustine, do you want to eat some noodles for lunch and then read some books and take a nap?"}  Augustine weighed in at 21 pounds even, placing him off the low end of the charts for weight.  That is not abnormal for him, and compared to his 15 month check-up, he is actually getting closer to being back on the chart.  He is in the 25th percentile for height, and his head is right at the 50th percentile, both typical for our little guy.  The biggest surprise for the doctor was that Augustine showed up for the appointment wearing underwear instead of a diaper!  Dr. P said he doesn't see many kiddos show up for their 18 month appointments in underwear!  Augustine got one shot, as usual--he cried for a minute, but I nursed him right away and that soothed him.

Our big guy getting his first salon hair cut. (19ish months)
 Now on to our other baby!  On Wednesday, I had my 16 week prenatal appointment.  Can anyone else believe I am already 16 weeks?!  I can't!  Hearing the baby's heartbeat is always the best sound!  I haven't gained more than a pound or two yet, but my doctor isn't concerned.  In just a few weeks, I will go in for the big anatomy scan ultrasound, and she can check on the baby's growth at that point.  We are not finding out the gender of the baby until his/her birthday this time, but I am still excited to see our little one swimming around during the ultrasound.  I will be sure to post some pics of the little one after my appointment on the 30th!   
Our wee one--15 weeks pregnant.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

According to Facebook, Two Years Ago Today...

Andrea Rutherford Vercollone {that would be me}: just got home from shopping for her BABY BOY!!! :)

It's hard to believe it was two whole years ago that I went in for my ultrasound to find out if we were having a boy or a girl.  Luke and I were both super nervous.  I remember walking hand-in-hand into the doctor's office and feeling Luke's hand sweating in mine.  You see, we were both really hoping for a boy for our first child {yet of course we would have been thrilled either way}, so naturally we both mentally prepared for it to be a girl.  We were in shock, and like giddy little kids, when the ultrasound tech told us it was a boy.

Top: Augustine's 8 week ultrasound.
Bottom: Augustine's almost 21 week ultrasound,
when we found out he was a boy!!

Oh my goodness, thinking about this makes me so excited for our new little bundle of joy! 

Although it also makes me really, really want to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl. 

But, alas, Luke and I have agreed to wait until the baby is born to find out this time! 

I think it's going to be harder than I expected--especially when I go in for the wee one's anatomy scan in just a few weeks!

I already have decorating ideas for the baby's room, but I can't get too crazy until after the birth...unless I decide to go with a gender neutral nursery??  Thoughts?  Ideas?

Lately, I have been thinking the baby is a boy, although Luke has always said girl.  I guess we will find out in a couple months...