Friday, September 23, 2011


If you are about to, or are in the process of eating, may I kindly suggest waiting until later to read this post.  And if you are of the weak of stomach and do not appreciate stories about bodily functions, perhaps skip it all together.  If you are like me, and think baby poop can be fairly comical, read on!  It's not gross or graphic, I promise.

So, the other morning I was downstairs hanging out, and the boys {Augustine and his daddy} were upstairs. 

Luke was in the bathroom shaving and Augustine was playing in his room.

Mid-shave Luke felt Augustine's little body brush behind him into the bathroom.  Augustine proceeded to lift up the toilet lid and throw a wad of paper towel in it.  He then said, "Poo-poo" and reached over to flush the toilet.  Before he could flush, Luke took a closer look, and the "wad" Augustine had thrown in the toilet was actually a big piece of poopy neatly wrapped up in paper towel.
Yes, my son pooped on his bedroom floor, went into the guest bathroom and tore off a piece of paper towel, went back to his room to retrieve said poop, wrapped it up, took it to the bathroom, threw it in the toilet, declared its contents, and flushed the toilet.  
Clearly, not the ideal {= poop deposited directly into toilet} but not a bad alternative, right??  It sure beats me cleaning it up! :)

By the way, Luke immediately washed Augustine's hands, which had no trace of poop on them and then asked Augustine where he had pooped.  Augustine took another piece of paper towel back to his room and starting wiping the carpet, apparently where the deed took place.  Again, no trace of poop anywhere!  But, I took the bleach wipes to the carpet anyway!  {I should mention that our child is completely bare from the waist down like 90% of the time he is at home--it's a potty training thing--, which explains why the poop was on the floor and not in his pants}.

Needless-to-say, Luke and I got a good laugh about it.  Potty training is some crazy stuff.  But we are very lucky that we have not experienced any of the poop smearing, eating, playing horror stories other moms have told me about!!  

My goal is to have Augustine completely potty trained by the time Baby #2 arrives...four months...we can do it!

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