Thursday, October 20, 2011

What I do when I'm not Blogging - Day Four

Keeping up with my little man takes a lot of time and energy!  He is at a really fun and social age right now, so this fall we have really upped our out-of-the-house social calendar.  
All but Friday mornings during the week, we try to get out of the house.  It is a good thing for me because it inspires me to actually get dressed in the morning {not that I don't have a tendency to slip back into my sweatpants when we get home...}.  And I think it's good for Augustine to experience new things with new friends, as well as learn to take directions and interact with adults other than Luke and myself.  
On Monday mornings, Augustine has his Romp 'n Roll class.  It took me a few months to justify the cost of a R'nR membership, but I waited until they were promoting a good deal and made peace with it.  His class is called Tumble Tunes and is a combination gym and music class.  He absolutely loves music, and you can't go wrong with exercise and energy burning!  He is learning to listen and follow instructions, and it is great for his gross motor skills.
Tuesday mornings we enjoy "Storytime" at a local library.  If we are super ambitious, we attend Mass {and sometimes even hit up Starbucks!} before heading to the library.  Augustine is still a little young for a 45 minute storytime, but the leader is great at mixing it up with relevant songs and dancing in between books, which Augustine really likes.  He tends to start wandering toward the end of storytime, but overall he does well, and I think it's a good challenge for him.
Augustine attended a music class for several weeks on Wednesdays this fall, but that ended last week.  Our Mom's group from church also meets on Wednesday mornings, so we are going to try to get more involved in that group, although most of the activities are on the other side of town, which can be inconvenient.
This fall Augustine and I joined MOPs {Mothers of Preschoolers}--a Christian, Mom's group that offers programs internationally.  It provides a good morning of recollection, fellowship, and fun for me, while Augustine is across the hall enjoying Bible stories and play time with other kiddos his age.  MOPs meets officially every other Thursday, but there is typically a play date or other activity scheduled for the other Thursdays.  
Fridays we just chill in the morning.  If Augustine is up in time we like to go to 7:30 am Mass with Luke and they come home and have pancakes for breakfast!
Among Augustine's other favorite things to do during the day are take walks--in and out of the stroller--; play at parks; read books; watch "T" {t.v.}; help me with everything--cooking, cleaning, laundry; play outside on his play set in our screened in porch; go potty; carry his stuffed cat and baby all around the house; push buttons on every appliance we own; get into lots of things he shouldn't; wrestle with his Dad; and eat noodles.
All of this, plus running errands, cleaning the house, and cooking {also known as being a wife and mom} keeps me busy!!  Luke keeps reminding me, "just wait until you have two!"  But being a Mom to Augustine is the world's greatest job in my eyes, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. 
I used to sneak onto the computer a lot more during the day, but now I am very rarely on it at all while he is awake.  Sometimes I have a chance to blog while Augustine is napping, but taking a rest myself or working on something else often takes the priority.  This week I have mainly been blogging in the evening after Augustine goes to sleep...but Luke told me that after this week is over I need to take a blogging fast, so I can give him more attention again :).             
Tomorrow I will post pics of Augustine's completed Halloween costume!  Super excited to be finished with it!

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