Saturday, August 9, 2014

Family Pictures 2014/Estella's 4 Month Pictures

You always hear about how by the third child there are no pictures in the albums, no writing in the baby book, no souvenir from that first hair cut, etc.  Well, I am doing my best for that not to happen to sweet Estella, and I am only kind of failing.

One thing I did drop the ball on was getting Estella's pictures professionally taken as a newborn...and, I was a month late with her 3 month pictures!  But, better late than never, so earlier this week we had a photographer friend take some pictures of us at a beautiful park in Richmond.  {And just for the record, I do plan on still doing Estella's 6,9, and 12 month pictures...hopefully on time!}

These are my favorites! Sorry for the big photo dump---I just want all my favorites saved here forever:

Love my sweet girl.

Such a Gemma face.

This is Gemma through and through!

What a cutie!

I love this boy!

Lovin' on each other.

Definitely nursing Estella in this one! :)

This face.

My girls.

Love of my life.

Baby feet.

Happy 4 Months, Little One!

Does it get any sweeter?!