Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Always Helping

As I was scrolling through the pictures and videos saved on my computer this evening, I realized that quite a few of them are of Augustine "helping" around the house.  He loves to help and is always offering his assistance, regardless of what I am doing - cooking, cleaning, putting lids on containers {?}, brushing my teeth, adding soap to the laundry machine and dish washer, even, ahem, going to the bathroom! {don't worry, I didn't include pictures of all of these...}.

Here are such a few images of Augustine helping... 

1) make Daddy lunch
I asked him to put the bread on the grill...and he took a bite first. 
Ditto on the cheese.
Sorry, Luke!

2) vacuum
This is an especially aggressive clip {lol}...
this is not how he typically vacuums, seriously. 
His favorite is vacuuming with our real vacuum.

3) make pancakes
Augustine's breakfast of choice most mornings.

4) protect his sister
In this case, her ears...from my noisy hair dryer.
What a sweet brother :)

Love that little guy!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Augustine hearts Jesus

Just two cute stories about Augustine and Jesus...


Though it has never been our practice to say prayers before his nap, the past two days {while his Daddy has been out of town} Augustine has said, "Pray Daddy" as I am tucking him in.  It's so sweet--and then we, of course, pray for Daddy.  We are going to make praying before nap a regular thing, thanks to my Little Man.


Luke does a lot of weekend traveling this time of year, and Saturdays without him seem so long because we aren't busy with our normally scheduled activities that we have during the week.  So yesterday, around 3:30 pm, we just needed to get out of the house.  We jumped into the car {with no where in mind to go} and wound up at church.  After playing at the park there for a bit, I noticed cars arriving for Saturday evening Mass, so we decided to go see Jesus.  Before Mass started, we entered the chapel where the Tabernacle is located, and Augustine walked right up to it and gave "Jesus' house" several kisses.  And when it was time for Communion, Augustine kept pointing to his mouth and saying, "Jesus."  He broke down into a fit when we returned to the pew because I told him it would be a few more years before he could receive the Eucharist {in toddler talk, it was more like, "You can't eat Jesus yet because you are too little"}.  It would have been more cute if the scenario didn't involve him throwing a tantrum while I was at Mass by myself with two little ones, but it was endearing, nonetheless.


I love watching Augustine develop a relationship with our Lord.  It is elementary, I know, but it is also very innocent and pure, and I love that.  He is at an age where I really feel convicted when I make a poor choice in my words or actions because I know he is watching me and learning from me...not to mention, imitating me!  It is definitely motivation to work on my attitude and to think before I speak or act.  Oh me! 

At the farm last week!
I just keep praying he turns out like his Daddy...