Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mixed Feelings

Augustine and I are at home hanging out--nothing out of the ordinary there. But tonight is different because while we are here at home together, Luke is playing in a home soccer game. No, it's not an official game--in fact, it's very unofficial. They are playing against VCU in the first of several insignificant pre-season games. Yet, I am still sad that Augustine and I are not there to watch. For as long as I have known Luke would be the father of my children, I have been excited to take our children to his soccer games. I have long been looking forward to handing our little ones over the rail of the stands to their Dad down on the field after the game. I know there will be plenty of opportunities for this during the upcoming season...and for the next few years, but I wish we were there now for Luke's first opportunity to have this experience with Augustine.
Not to mention the fact that I LOVE to watch Luke play, and it pains me that I can't be there to support him.
But let's be real--it's 35 degrees out, the game didn't start until Augustine's bedtime, and our son is 9 weeks old. If it were just Luke and me, I would be there in a heart beat, but the truth is Augustine needs to be at home warm in his crib sleeping right now...and so he is.
Although it didn't make sense to go tonight, I am confident that we will find a way to make it to the games to cheer Luke on!
Here's to warm weather and Augustine sleeping through sheer chaos this season!

We Love You Luke!

Update: Photos taken at Luke's first regular season game...we made it!