Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I do when I'm not Blogging - Day Three

One word:  PICTURES

Taking . downloading . uploading . cropping . captioning . dating . ordering . developing . sorting . organizing . 
album-ing . dreaming of scrapbooking get the idea.  

About a month ago I was alarmed to discover that I had not developed ANY pictures since February!  {And I take a lot of pictures!}  As all of us in this world of digital photography can attest, it is way too easy to take a million pictures, download them onto your computer, and then put off actually having them printed.  For some people that works, and they are content with the pictures saved onto their computer.  But I am a bit fanatic about the whole thing, and I refuse to delete pictures off my camera's memory card until I am holding a hard copy in my addition to having them saved on my computer...and hard drive.  
This picture makes my heart smile.
Anyways, it was recently getting to the point that I couldn't take any more pictures because my memory cards were full.  So I finally made a huge order on Snapfish and got caught up on the developing aspect...but then I had hundreds of photos to date, caption, sort, etc.

I have been hard at work to make a dent in the process, but I still have a ways to go.

The top shelf of my desk presently looks like this:
...and my husband is none too thrilled.  {We may have had a little agreement that if I had a desk on our main floor, I would keep it looking nice and tidy.  Last night Luke said my "hobby lobby" (aka desk) was overflowing onto our kitchen table and that I needed to do some work on it--agreed!}.     

I arrange the majority of Augustine's photos in regular photo albums, but I have always planned on creating one BIG scrapbook of his most memorable pictures.  So as I put the captioned, dated, and chronologically ordered photos into albums, I set aside my favorite ones to put in the scrapbook.  

Pictures reserved for the scrapbook...
the first picture is, appropriately, of me in labor--real attractive.
At this point, the photos are all labeled, and I just need to finish putting them in the album...and then I am ready to begin the laborious, yet rewarding, task of scrapbooking.  It is my goal to have it finished before Baby #2 arrives!
Good intentions.
It feels like such a big job, especially because scrapbooking is messy and not at all conducive to "help" from a toddler.  Sometimes I wonder if I will ever actually get around to the scrapbook.  I sure hope so.  ...So does Luke!

I promise to keep you updated on any progress I make, and if you have any tips for photo organization or scrapbooking, please share them with me! 

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  1. Let me know if you want to have a lunch where I occupy the little man and you scrapbook to your heart's content!

    He is just the happiest child I know!