Friday, October 1, 2010


Luke and I have a subscription to the Magnificat, a daily prayer book that gives you the Mass readings for each day, as well as morning and evening prayer and other meditations.

Every year, the October edition is my favorite because, in honor of the eve of All Saint's Day (aka Halloween), they provide a Litany of the Counsel of the Saints.

In other's a list of awesome quotes by incredibly holy men and women. I am always super inspired by their wisdom and insight, so I thought I would share some of my favorites with all of you!

Saint Terese of Lisieux: "You alone, O Jesus, could satisfy a soul that needed to love even to the infinite."

Saint Maximilian Kolbe: "Shall the urge for complete and total happiness, inherent to human nature, be the only need to remain unfulfilled and unsatisfied? No, even this longing can be fulfilled by the infinite and eternal God."

Saint Katherine Drexel: "May your faith be increased so as to realize the fact that you are never alone, wheresoever you may be, that the great God is with you, in you."

Saint John Vianney: "The soul can feed only on God; only God can suffice it; only God can fill it; only God can satiate its hunger. Its God is absolutely necessary to it."

Saint Jane Frances de Chantel: "Oh, how happy is the soul that freely lets herself be molded to the liking of this divine Savior!"

Saint John of the Cross: "You considered that one hair fluttering at my neck; You gazed at it upon my neck and it captivated You."

Saint Catherine of Sienna: "When we love something we don't care what sort of abuse or injury or pain we might have to endure to get it; we are concerned ony with satisfying our desire for the thing we love."

Saint Dominic: "I shall be more useful to you after my death and I shall help you more effectively than during my life."

Saint Augustine: "We have been promised something we do not yet possess. It is good for us to persevere in longing until we receive what was promised, and yearning is over."

Saint Gregory Nazianzen: "Each of us can say to the tempter, 'Unlike you, I have not yet become an outcast from heaven through my pride. By my baptism I have become one with him. It is you that should fall prostrate before me."

Saint Cecilia: "To die for Christ is not to sacrifice one's youth, but to renew it. Jesus Christ returns a hundredfold for all offered him, and adds to it eternal life."

Saint Irenaeus of Lyons: "The glory of God is man fully alive."

Saint Justin Martyr: "The greatest grace God can give someone is to send him a trial he cannot bear with his own powers - and then sustain him with his grace so he may endure to the end and be saved."

Saint John the Baptist: "Jesus must increase; I must decrease."

Holy Mary, Mother of God: "Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word."

Happy October!

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