Thursday, September 30, 2010

Augustine's Weekly Wee-View (9.21.10-9.27.10)

This was a special week because I was in CO visiting (some of) my family from September 24th-28th.

1) I like to keep Mom guessing, so I sleep really well for a few nights and then mix it up with an up-every-few-hours night. Also, I was getting bored waking up with my little whine, so I have decided to start screaming when I wake up on those long nights--more exciting for everyone, right?? (In reality, I think he is having a bit of separation anxiety--Luke and I have never heard him cry that way, but he is fine as soon as we pick him up).

2) Despite missing our connecting flight both ways (for a combined 9 1/2 hours of extra airport time), I did really well traveling. I even got my own seat on a couple of the flights!

3) Our trip to CO was awesome, and I loved seeing my cousins and aunts and uncles and Bapa! My cousin Tavian is only two months younger than me, and we are best friends. It will be so fun to live near him someday!

4) Apparently I have allergies--specifically to the foliage in Colorado (Or maybe to the hay at the pumpkin patch?? Or maybe just to grass...we don't have that in our yard in VA...). I had a runny nose during our trip, but it cleared up when we got back home.

5) I am crawling super fast now, and I have learned to crawl to Mom so she will pick me up!

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