Thursday, October 14, 2010

And then there were four...


(Sorry, I couldn't resist the tease!
We would love to add another sweet baby to our family, but someone will have to have a word with Augustine about getting up to eat twice each night if we are ever to be a family of four...not because I am too tired to have a baby-though I am tired-, but because my body is incapable due to the breast feeding).

Augustine's two bottom teeth came in right at 7 months, but I hadn't noticed any sign of more until I was holding him sideways and tickling him the other day. I had a really good view of his gums with his month wide open and laughing, and I noticed that his upper gums looked quite white! I immediately washed my hands and stuck my finger in to feel, and sure enough, BOTH teeth had already cut!

Maybe those middle-of-the-night waking up (more than ususal) episodes a few weeks back weren't separation anxiety after all??

Either way, I think Augustine has been a great teether--he hasn't been sick at all or had any super noticeable symptoms...obviously!

His new teeth are hard to see in passing, but if you get a good look they are cute!

At dinner the other night he gave me a big, toothy grin!

I just hope he doesn't bite...


  1. Augustine is such a little cutey! Love that smile! I never noticed any teething with Jacob day teeth were just there. Baker on the other hand...we noticed!

  2. Oh man, you are a tease with that title! Although, I thought if it were true you would have had to have had a biological miracle :).

    So James doesn't have any teeth, but he has started biting down--HARD lately. Not fun, and not looking forward to teeth! I had to threaten him with formula to convince him to stop.

  3. Aren't you a little joker!
    Consider yourself lucky you haven't noticed the teeth coming in!!!