Friday, October 15, 2010

9 Month Picture...s

Oh me! I tried SO hard to get out of Portrait Innovations with, but any of you who have been there with a small child know how difficult--if not impossible--that is! But today I got close. I have seriously been giving myself pep talks about the situation for a week.

"It's just his nine month photo shoot. We do NOT need a bizillion pictures."

"We are going back at Christmas for his 1 year pictures--we will splurge then."

"It is OK to just get one pose. Do not feel bad for the lady taking the pictures if you only pick one pose."

"Don't bring a change of clothes for Augustine--it will just make you want to buy more pictures."

"Don't look cute/don't coordinate clothing with Luke/don't brush your hair or shower or you will just be tempted into stepping in for a few shots...and then needing to order more pictures."

"All of the pictures will be cute, but that does not mean I need the cd (even though I will really, really want it)."

"I could just take some pictures at home, but it's only $9.95 IF I just pick one pose."

etc, etc, etc.

(Btw, feel free to read those statements twice a day for the week leading up to your next photo shoot--it helps!).

As we left the house this morning, I really was convinced I could get out of there with just one pose.

BUT while we were waiting for them to call us back, my dear husband said,
"So do you want one pose or two?"

Why does he torture me so??

"I thought we decided just one," I answered (sort of).

"Well, we can get two...(trailing off)."

"OK, we will get one...or two." At that point I knew we were toast, but really two isn't so bad, compared to the NINE we got when Augustine was 6 weeks old--suckers.

They called us back.

Do you have a change of clothes? NO

Is it just him in the pictures, or will you all be stepping in for a few? JUST HIM

So far, so good.

47 poses later we sat down at the computer for the elimination process. I was decisive and did not let myself get attached. Without much hesitation, we got it down to two poses! We chose one pose for the $9.95 special and then just got 2 5x7s of the second pose.

Done and less than an hour!

So, yes there are two pictures, but we only got the "special" pose on cd. To post the second pose I had to take a picture of the picture, so sorry about the flash spot.

He is just SO stinkin' cute!

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  1. This post made me laugh! Good job sticking to only picked some really cute ones!