Thursday, August 5, 2010

Augustine's Weekly Wee-View

I had a busy week with lots of travel and time with family...
1) I got a tooth! Monday afternoon I bit Daddy's finger, and he noticed a little more than my gums in there! It looks like another one will come through today or tomorrow--bring on the steak!

Can you see it?? It's there!

2) Mom, Dad, and I spent Friday night at VA Beach with a bunch of Daddy's family. I went swimming and loved it. We all went to Daddy's soccer game together Saturday night...and Daddy was Man of the Match!

We played at the beach...

and the pool!

Go Daddy! (He is case you were wondering...)

3) After I went to sleep for the night, Mom and Dad went out for frozen yogurt and left me with Uncle Stephen (...and Nana and Gaga). It was only the second time I have been away from them--the first time was Valentine's Day, and Uncle Anthony watched me sleep while Mom and Dad went out for a late dinner.

4) Mom thought it was really cute that I rolled right into the bathroom to be near her while she blow dried her hair the other morning.

5) We met my Great Aunt Barb, Great Uncle Ken, and second cousin, Kristin, for lunch on Sunday. Aunt Barb was visiting all the way from CO...she is very special to my Mom and loves babies!

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  1. I'm not going to lie, in the first pic he does look a little bit more like his Daddy! I love the pictures of him at the pool. And I can't believe that now he has TWO teeth..what a big boy! So glad you got to see Auntie:)