Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rub a Dub Dub...a Dub...a Dub (sob)

Little Augustine has been taking lots of baths as of late! If fact, I have welcomed it as a new part of our nightly routine. Although we could probably contine to get away with two or three baths a week, now that Augustine is eating "solids" (kind of paridoxical when you think about the consistency of such first foods...) it seems easiest to just to lather him up in the bath each night after dinner.

After all, he is a very messy eater! His face actually looks remarkably clean in this picture (not so much his bib...), but it was too cute not to share :)
Especially since only half the food makes it into his mouth and since he likes to "help" me by sticking his hands in the bowl and then sucking his fingers! :)

I love bathtime...and Augustine does too! It's fun to watch him splash and play, not to mention how totally awesome he smells when he's through..and then if I give him a little massage with baby lotion afterward, forget.about.it...it's like a delicious celebration in my nose!
But...graduating to nightly baths also means that Augustine is getting older...and that he's not my little baby anymore.
And that can be hard for me.
Change is a werid thing.
No matter how good or pleasant or necessary change is, it is still change--it is still a passing of time.
I try not to take anything, any person, or any time in my life for granted, so I have found that it is better to cherish every moment--even unpleasant ones (which is really, really hard)--than to wish them away, to wish them to change, to wish time to pass faster.
Because you can only live the present moment once.
Because what is the point of wishing my "present" away? It will become my past soon enough all by itself (...with or without my grumbling).

Someday Augustine will sleep through the night (so I am told...though even that will be hard for me).
Someday Augustine will go to the bathroom on the toilet all by himself.
Someday Augustine will be able to eat without making a huge mess.
But in the mean time, I am going to enjoy each moment of the present--good or bad. I will try to welcome change, but not rush it.
Beacuse not so long ago, Augustine looked like this:

...and I don't want to waste a minute of my sweet boy's life!

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  1. so cute, and so true. I know what you mean. my little baby will be 5 months old!!!! p.s. the first picture looks like my baby!