Thursday, April 7, 2011

Playing Catch-Up!

My goodness, I am sososo behind with my blogging, especially about a certain 15 month old little boy who is so ridiculously cute I don't know what to do with myself.

Let me catch you up on the cuteness of the past month or so...

*Last night Augustine peed in his brand new potty. Kinda weird for such a little man, I know...but when I took off his clothes for his bath he was standing right in front of the potty. He started peeing {on the floor} so I scooted him a little closer, and he peed {standing up} in his potty! Then I clapped for him, and he clapped too!

*Augustine is very observant and likes to do everything I do, including: brush my hair

sweep and mop the floors {he even knows how to push the button on the swiffer to spray cleaner...}

blow his nose {he opens the wipe container himself, takes out a wipe, holds it to his nose, and really blows...then, he comes to hold the wipe to my nose so I can blow too}.

*this morning, Augustine found a wash cloth in our bathroom drawer and washed Dada's face for him

*after witnessing me spit in the toilet on ONE occasion, Augustine made spitting noises anytime he walked by a toilet for the next several days--he has now moved on to making that same noise when he sees me spitting in the sink after I brush my teeth {nice}

*Augustine gives the sweetest kisses--at his own discretion. It's precious because when I do something that he finds particularly charitable, like rescue him from the grocery cart or hold him while I vacuum or give him loves after he falls, he sweetly initiates a kiss! It melts my heart! This morning after Mass, one of the nice older ladies said, "Augustine, can I have a kiss?" Surely, she was speaking in hypothetical terms, but Augustine doesn't know better, and he puckered up...and she leaned in. The germ-o-phobe in me tried to stay calm.

*Augustine likes to talk his Dad on little walks in and around our front yard every evening. The boy loves to be outside!!

*In the past week or so, Augustine has added "book" and "ball" to his vocabulary, along with -"Mama." "Dada," and "Ut" {ut-oh}.

*When I was blow drying my hair this morning, Augustine signed, "all done" to me--initially taught for use during meal time, Augustine now also uses that sign whenever he wants something to stop/end. It's very cute, though hard to comply with at times.

*Augustine's cousin, Taivan, came to visit last week! It was a great visit with Aunt Cait, Uncle Cole, and Tavo!

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