Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You Know You Grew Up in a Conservative Home When...

you and your sisters make up songs like this:

to the tune of Do You Believe in Magic?
{you know, the McDonald's version...so it's a parady of a parady so to speak}

Do you believe in Clinton?
And I hope you don't!
You'll always have a jerk charging you too much.

Do you believe in Clinton
at the Whiiite Hoouuse today?

If you believe in Clinton,
then I don't believe in you!

~circa 1992

And in my Dad's defense, he never actually called Clinton a "jerk" (well, execpt maybe after that ONE incident...but that was years after our song's debut.  Maybe we were just ahead of our time??)

...did I mention our family pet was named "Rush" {as in Limbaugh}?

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  1. LOL...that is out of control! How come we haven't reminisced about this any time recently??