Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Augustine's Weekly Wee-View

Augustine's Weekly Wee-View
1) This week I got to try my first vegetable: sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and peas. Sweet potatoes were my favorite, and peas were my least favorite...but Mom loves peas and thinks I will come around in time.

Rice cereal is yummy!

Mom wonders how she ended up with such a messy eater!

2) After putting it off for a few weeks because I got sick, Mom and Dad took me to get my six month pictures taken yesterday. I am sososos cute! (and did such great smiles for the camera!).

3) I miss Dad a lot when he travels for soccer. Last weekend he played in Charleston and Charlotte, and right now he is in Pitsburgh. Luckily, Mom and Dad talk on the phone all the time.

Watching the World Cup Finals (quite attentively...) with Dad! Go Spain!

4) I have developed stranger and separation anxiety in the past week. Apparently, men with facial hair are particularly scary to me. (Mom wonders if this new development has anything to do with me waking up more often needing to be comforted the past few nights...).

5) Now that I am getting more hair, Daddy thinks I look more like him. What do YOU think??

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  1. That second picture is the cutest thing EVER! And, i think he may be taking after his Godmother. I hate peas and I don't blame him at all!!!! And, finally, sorry to Luke, but he still looks like you!!!