Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Augustine's Weekly Wee-View

Man, the time is flying by too fast! It has been a crazy, busy, fun week...but I will let Augustine tell you all about it. :)
Augustine's Weekly Wee-View
1) Wednesday morning I woke Mom up at 5:45 am with coughing and wheezing! She was so scared I could feel her heart pounding out of her chest. Daddy was away for a soccer game, but she called him right away and he wished he was home with us. The on call doctor had us sit in a steamy bathroom for 15 minutes, which did help some. However, I was still quite wheezy, so we headed for the hospital...BUT I fell asleep on the way, convincing Mom to turn around and wait another hour or two to see the doctor. Long story short, I have been on breathing treatments for a week (but I still smile when the camera comes out!), along with a steroid and amoxicillan for "two small ear infections" = yuck!! Aside from coughing here and there and acting completely LoOpY after my treatments, I am doing great.

2) Break out the baby gate and outlet covers--it is time for Mom and Dad to Augustine-proof the house! Mom is brave enough to leave me playing alone on her bedroom floor while she showers, but her days of taking her time are through! I am a roly-poly and no longer stay on "the blanket," regardless of how big the blanket is (they keep getting bigger and bigger). My new favorite "toys" are cords of any kind, cell phones, remotes, and blankets (all very safe...).

3) It was back to the doctor on Tuesday for my six month check-up. The doctor said my chest sounds better and my ears are healthy. I am 15 lbs, 4 oz...a little on the small side (around 20%ile) and 26 1/4 in (about 40%ile). Mom only allows me to get one shot per visit, and I reward her by not crying when I get it--it's great for everybody. (Picture from my half birthday).

4) I said "Mama" for the first time on June 30th--my six month birthday. Even I will admit I have no idea I said it, but Mom and Dad got really excited so it must be true. Plus, I've said it like five more times they say.

5) My toes are delicious! Why didn't I figure out how to suck on them sooner?! According to Mom's book, once I master sucking my toes, I won't be spending much time on my back anymore...crawling, here we come!

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