Sunday, June 30, 2013

What I Wore Sunday {4}

Hello Ladies! 
I am looking forward to seeing what you all wore to go see our Lord today!  I need some inspiration, as I am experiencing a bit of a drought in the fashion department.  When we moved to VA, we only brought what we could fit in our Toyota Camry, in between the space taken up by the four of us.  I left a lot of clothes and shoes [as well as access to my sister's closet] behind.  Also, our budget is super tight right now, so I am not doing much clothes shopping at all. 
Today I wore a repeat outfit [except with different shoes and earrings ;)], but here are some WIWS pics from March that I had in my draft box but never got around to publishing.     

Cutest little koala baby ever!

"I'm going to do spaghetti legs until you pick me upppppp!"

Our priest gave an inspiring homily today about what it means to be truly free.  Our culture's view of freedom is basically being able to do what you want to do when you want to do it.  Whereas, a Christian view of freedom is being able to choose to do what one ought to do.  The opposite, of course, is being a slave to sin.  I feel like I am preaching to the choir, as many of you may have heard a similar talk at some point, but I came across this really good article that you should all read :). 
Here is a little excerpt:
Oftentimes we say, "Well, you know, because society says it’s okay, it’s okay." That is not true. All of us know what adultery does to families. All of us know that we are restrained from going up to another person and slugging that person in the mouth. There are consequences for those actions and society controls those actions, because it is a failure to love one’s neighbor. If we begin to tamper with human life and to say, "Well, this older person’s life is no longer valuable, therefore we’re free to kill her" or "This person’s suffering is so great, we’re free to kill him," where does it stop? How do we stop it? We’re the ones determining the value of the human person. Based on that kind of thinking, one can justify Nazi Germany, one can justify an act of terrorism, because humans are free to choose to do those actions. 
~Archbishop Samuel Aquila [written in 2004 when he was Bishop in Fargo]     
Deets on the clothes:
Sheer-ish top: Target, I believe
White tank underneath: Ambiance
Pants: Express
Shoes: NY & Co
Earrings: Old Navy
Bracelet: no idea...I've had it forever
Gemma is wearing a beautiful dress that was a gift from the Mom of one of my good friends.
She looks so fancy and pretty in it :) 
Have a great week!  Thanks to Fine Linen and Purple for hosting.


  1. You look lovely! I totally understand the clothes budget thing. It is a struggle at times especially here in VA. I live in Fairfax and it is one expensive place to live. But there are lots of thrift stores and the sales are pretty good as well. Can't wait to check in next week to see what your wearing.

  2. Love that top and the yellow earrings! I agree w/ Mary- thrift stores can have some good, inexpensive finds. And also if you're able to get out in the stores and keep an eye on sales, sometimes you can find awesome bargains!

  3. You are absolutely right. True freedom only comes through a relationship with Christ! I love your yellow dangly earrings!