Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Seventh Month

Mom thinks I changed a lot this month--I had a lot of firsts and seem like such a big boy to her now. I started solids half way through the month. For the most part, Mom offers me food twice a day, but I don't consistently eat yet. Sometimes I eat quite a bit, other times I hardly eat at all. In addition to rice cereal, oatmeal, fruits, and vegetables, I enjoy puffs and yogurt melts (finger foods). I am not at all interested in my mesh feeder yet, but Mom is excited for when I am--it will be so cute! My favorite food is carrots!!
With Aunt Bonnie, Uncle Mike, Aunt Cait, and Tavian in Chicago.
[6.5 months-ish...and, yes, from the same trip as my 6 month post] :)
From the day I started solids, my poops immediately changed. Leading up to starting solids, I was pooping nearly every time I breastfed, and most of the time it would leak out onto my clothes! Mom was doing lots of laundry. Well, the solids have essentially eliminated the leaking diapers...but now my clothes are messy from the food! To help with the mess, toward the end of the month Mom started bathing me every night before bed. I love it, and Mom loves how clean and fresh I smell.

No crawling yet, but I am certainly mobile! With a little maneuvering, I can get almost anywhere I want. Rather than playing on the rug in the living room, as soon as Mom sets me down I almost always roll until I get to the hardwood floor. Mom and Dad used to pick me up right away and put me back on the rug, but now they let me play there...although they don't understand the appeal, especially because all my toys are still on the rug!

Early this month, I didn't sleep too well because I was sick. But lately I have been getting up only twice to eat and that's it. Occasionally I will whine another time, but I can usually get back to sleep myself or with the help of some music.

Although I am trying solids a few times a day, I still nurse every three hours during the day.

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