Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sixth Month

Another draft that never got published.  In Augustine's voice, btw {knowing that makes the first few sentences significantly less creepy...}.  Written July 2010.

Me and cousin, Tavian, on our trip to Chicago with Mom and Aunt Cait.
Sleeping is definitely my biggest struggle, but even at that it isn't too bad. I continue to wake up and fuss several times a night. My music box helps a lot, and we are kind of in a pattern of me getting up at 10:30/11 pm, 1/2 am, and 4/5 am. If all goes well, the music helps with the first and last waking, and I eat in the middle. Unfortunately, I didn't have my music box in Chicago--although the first two nights were decent, the last two were difficult. My first night back at home was great, but we will have to see how it goes next month...

My morning nap is without fail about an hour and forty minutes after I wake up for the day. It makes going to Mass impossible most days, but Mom knows my sleep is important. I take another nap or two throughout the day, although I don't sleep very well at work {when Mom takes me with her to nanny twice a week}, which makes Mom feel badly.

Eating is still the same as last month: every three hours, with a little cluster feed as bedtime approaches. At the very end of the month, I ate my first solid food: organic whole grain rice cereal mixed with formula (it was my first time having formula, too). The next day I woke up sick, so we will postpone more solids for a week or so.

Mom is amazed at how I can get around just by rolling! I didn't master rolling until the middle of the month, but now I am a roly-poly. Sometimes, Mom will leave me in the middle of a blanket for a few minutes, and when she returns I am off the blanket (sometimes rolled onto the hardwood floor!). Toward the end of the month, instead of sitting in my bouncy seat in the bathroom, Mom let me play on her bedroom floor while she showered.

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