Sunday, September 11, 2011

Half Way!

Well, I am half way through this pregnancy! {pretend it is still Thursday...}

20 weeks--I promise it looks bigger in person!
 In terms of symptoms, it has been similar to my pregnancy with Augustine = Super tired for the first trimester. Super nauseous for the first 16-20 weeks.  Lots of cravings and aversions.  Not a lot of weight gain.  No big complaints or complications.

But in other ways, it is different.  I don't have all the time I did when I was pregnant with Augustine to tune into each tiny movement the baby makes or record each, minute milestone in this special period of waiting.  Sometimes it makes me sad when I look at this baby's nearly empty pregnancy journal next to Augustine's bursting at the seams with notes, but lately I have been making more of a conscious effort to get things on paper. 

This pregnancy I know more of what to expect, as well.  I have fewer questions and concerns and almost feel like, aside from labs and ultrasounds, I haven't even needed a doctor. 

With Augustine, as so-totally-excited as I was for him to arrive, I used to cry from time to time over the inevitable changes that having a baby would have on my relationship with Luke and our lifestyle. 

And now with this pregnancy, I realize that our lives and relationships are about to change again.  But, as with Augustine, this new baby will only make our lives more fulfilling and complete.  Even during my fleeting moments of anxiety, I find myself smiling as I remind myself how Augustine is truly and infinitely more incredible than I thought he would be {no offense, Little Guy} and that this baby, too, will surprise us with the joy he or she brings to our lives. 

I think it's  normal to experience a bit of mourning over the loss of what was, in the midst of joyful anticipation of what is to come.

Overall, the pregnancy is going great, and it will be January before I know it!

Can't wait to meet you Little One!!   

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