Sunday, September 11, 2011

A New Season

September is bringing about a New Season for me in many ways. 

Perhaps most importantly, I am making renewed efforts at personal and spiritual growth--efforts that were not exactly in full bloom over the summer, as I struggled through the challenges of the first trimester of pregnancy. 

And then we have the literal change of seasons, as summer fades and fall begins.  {Woo-hoo!} 

And finally, our family enters a new season--the {soccer} "off-season." 

And to these changes I say, "Welcome, welcome, and welcome!"

Let's just be honest: first trimesters kick my booty.  Now I know at nearly 20 weeks along, it's a tad late to be pulling the "first-trimester" card, but my nausea tends to stick around long past the typical thirteen weeks...and I also tend to be really tired during early pregnancy...and I am nursing a toddler...and my husband traveled a lot this summer...and it was really, really hot out...=booty kicked!  In the past couple weeks, however, I have had more energy, been getting better sleep, and have felt much less sick to my stomach.  Consequently, I have been getting more done around the house, cooking more tasty and healthy food, and making prayer and weekday Mass more of a priority {as they should be}.  I understand that you can't have second and third trimesters without first trimesters, and I wouldn't trade those weeks of suffering for anything {even though I know it sounded an awful lot like I was complaining a few seconds ago...}.  I am genuinely thankful for my nausea as a little reminder that my wee baby is growing inside of me...but I am also ready to embrace this new season! 

Which brings me to FALL!  Oh, how I love fall!  It wasn't until last year that I fully acknowledged how wonderful autumn is, but my sentiments are only growing stronger.  The candy corn has been purchased and {is being} consumed, my first batch of pumpkin bread will be baking shortly, and I look forward to daily walks in the crisp, fall air.  {Not to mention, I get to bust my Uggs out of the closet--I love my Uggs}. 

Fall also reminds me of being very pregnant with Augustine and all the special times Luke and I spent together during our last months as a family of two.  It's fun to be pregnant again on nearly the same time table.     

And the final transition for us as a family is from Luke being "in season" to being "out of season."  As much as I enjoy soccer and cheering on the Kickers, Augustine and I are both so thankful that Luke won't be traveling without us again until next April.  Him traveling seems to get harder and harder each season.  Already it is anxiety inducing just thinking about him being away next season while I stay home and try to maintain some sense of normalcy and balance with two little ones.  I know his traveling is light compared to many other men out there, and I really am thankful for his job and that he is able to work from home a lot more than most Daddies.  The off-season is also a big time for traveling for us as a family, as we don't do any recreational traveling between April and September.  Our first trip is scheduled for Charleston in early October! 

And then before we know it, it will be time to meet our new baby!!  And we will begin yet another season in our sure to be full of adventures and challenges and love!

I am seriously lacking in the picture department right now--I feel like most things in my life were neglected during my first trimester--so, no, this picture has nothing to do with fall.  But, a picture with Augustine in it is always a good one :-)

Happy {almost} Fall!!

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  1. Yay for being halfway! I hope the nausea fades and you get that 2nd trimester surge of energy. Kudos for continuing to nurse A! That's awesome!