Friday, September 10, 2010

Augustine's Weekly Wee-View (8.31.10-9.6.10)

1) Last week I started saying, "mama" and meaning it. Sometimes it sounds like "mama" and sometimes like "nana"...but it always means, "I need (or want) you, Mama!" Mommy is very excited about this.

2) I made two new friends on our street, Zach and Donovan. Mom and I enjoy taking walks with them--and their moms--nearly everyday (especially in this awesome fall weather)!

3) After months of sleeping cozy in my Woombie cocoon, Mom and Dad have decided it is time to wean me from it--now that I am so mobile, I don't always like having my arms zipped up. The past few nights have been a little restless for me at times, but it's getting better!

Me in my Woombie! (photo taken three months ago)

4) Dad's season just ended and his coaching doesn't start for another week, so Mom and I got spoiled by having him work from home a lot this week!
5) As much as I love playing with Dad, I am becoming quite a Mommy's boy and love to hold on tight to her when other people try to hold me.
Enjoy a few more pics...of me in my Sunday best (note my new smile in the second pic)...and of me in the big bathtub!!


  1. What a cute little boy you have! He's gettin so big!!

  2. I love reading about this little man. Such a cutie! That Sunday outfit is adorable. Tavey needs some more Sunday clothes!!