Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Good Cramps

*This is just a fun little something I wrote last April...and I thought I would share it with you all.*
God is so good!

After tearing a tortilla up into my bowl of soup and eating almost all of it, this is what I found in the bottom of my bowl...the day after we found out the joyful news!

Today is April 20th, 2009, and I am one happy wife...and MOM! For the past few weeks, Daddy and I have been wondering if you existed, and until a few days ago I was conviced that we would have to try again next month. Any time I would start to get my hopes up that I was pregnant, I would remind myself (and Daddy) of all the reason I most certainly was NOT pregnant--namely, the PMS headache I got a few days ago, the relative un-soreness of my boobs, and these lingering cramps that just shout, "Your period is within minutes of making its grand entrance." Three days later, however, they were still just cramps, and I couldn't shake this feeling that maybe, just maybe, You really were there.
So last night, I let my guard down a little, making comments like, "When do you think we should take another test?" (we took one a week earlier) and "It's been 16 days since I ovulated." Daddy was understandably hesitant to get excited, but neither of us could help it and just thinking that there might be You inside of me kept us undeniably high for the next few hours.
In the mean time, we were watching tv and Daddy went upstairs at a commercial break to print something, so I ran to the laundry room to put the clean clothes in the dryer. After all the clothes were removed from the machine, I saw my Miraculous Medal in the bottom of the washer, having fallen out of a pair of my jeans. I quickly decided to roll it up in the elastic waist of the stretch pants I was wearing so that it would be close to my womb...and hopefully You, my baby. We have been praying for you for months, and I know our Blessed Mother has been interceeding a lot!
Daddy and I met up back on the couch and finished watching the show (Celebrity Apprentice). When the show was over, as Daddy was turning out the lights downstairs and getting things settled, I ran upstairs and began to google "cramps." Afterall, I had been warning Daddy for days that my period was going to start "today" because of all the cramps I was having. Much to my delight, one of the options that came up was, "cramps as an early sign of pregnancy"! I went on to read about how many women experience cramping early in pregnancy, and it is nothing more than their bodies stretching and getting ready for the long haul. When Daddy came up a few moments later I had him read it. This time, he was the one who suggested taking another test!
In my excitement, I grabbed a cup (plastic and disposible) from downstairs, ran to the bathroom, and pulled down my pants...and the Miraculous Medal practically jump into the...toilet! I quickly explained what had happened (and why the medal was rolled up in my pants). Daddy liked the story and bravely stuck his hand into the pee watered toilet to get the medal! (We are saving it for You to have someday!).
For the first time ever (and there have been many times), we watched as the results appeared in the small window of the pregnancy test. As we recited a very frazzled Hail Mary, first one line...and then a faint, yet ever darkening, second line appeared! We couldn't believe it. I kept asking Daddy if he saw it...and he didn't really answer me. But after a moment I knew it was there, as faint as it may be. I remember reading that a faint line is as positive as any line and took off dancing around the room in joy, as Daddy, still not comfortable making a verdict, continued to stare intently at the Dollar Store test resting on the countertop.
When the results were more convincing Daddy and I celebrated together. He held me and kissed me and we were so excited and so in love! We are going to try to enjoy each moment of our pregnancy and look so forward to meeting You in person in nine months!
We thank God so much for the gift of You. We trusted that He would bless us with You in His time and according to His Will, and we are so thankful and blessed. We thank our Mother Mary for all of her intercession as well!
So, before I went to bed, I just had to know when you are due...and again we see the hand of God, as you are due on Christmas Day! What a beautiful day to be born! We love you!
Mommy & Daddy

You were here celebrating Daddy's birthday with us--we just didn't know yet!

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  1. I'm crying!! This is so beautiful, and it will mean so much to Augustine one day. You and Luke are such amazing parents, and Augustine is so very loved...by all of us:)