Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Augustine's Weekly Wee-View

Wow...has it already been a week since my last post?? I guess traveling really stifles my online communication! Four days without the internet, and I feel like I have missed like 847 Facebook status updates--I probably have! But here we are, back from our trip to Chicago...more on that later. For now, here is:
Augustine's Weekly Wee-View

1) Tomorrow is my half birthday! Mom CANNOT believe how fast the time has passed! She is especially sad to pack away my 3-6 month clothes, but luckily they all still fit so it can wait a few weeks. To commemorate this special day, I am getting my pictures taken on Friday. My camera shy days of my first few months are over--now I am quite the ham and love to smile for the camera!
Cheese! Such a happy boy!
2) I ate rice cereal for the first time today! To date, all I had had was delicious breast milk and yucky pink medicine. Mom and Dad tried it too--Dad liked it, Mom did not! I ended up with a lot of cereal around my mouth, but I did open wide for the spoon...I was definitely ready for some real grub after reaching for Mom and Dad's for the past few weeks.

3) My cousin, Tavian, and I had a lot of fun together in Chicago! I showed him how to hold toys and roll over, and he is teaching me to suck a binky so Mom can get more sleep at night. We were the cutest boys around and several people even asked if we were twins! I love my best friend!
I even let Tavian suck MY thumb--I am such a great friend.

Mom dressed us up in matching outfits...I will let it slide for now, but she CANNOT do this when we are in high school!

Just playing.

4) I didn't sleep great on vacation but since returning home, I am back on track! Just recently I have begun rolling onto my side to sleep--it's so comfy!

5) Watching the US play in the World Cup was great fun! We are sad that they lost to Ghana. Maybe someday I will play in the World Cup...well, maybe not the World Cup...maybe just a travel squad! Mom says no football and no wrestling and no rugby and no thrill sports.

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