Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You Know its been a Long Night When...

There's a little extra something--eh, someone--in the bed with us in the morning:
This is my husband's idea of watching the baby the next day. I really do appreciate it very very much, but it makes me laugh when Luke offers to "get up" with Augustine so I can sleep in...and I stumble down the stairs an hour later to find this:

A blanket and pillow from the guest room make their way into the nursery...with me, of course (luckily, the glider is quite comfortable):

My night stand looks like this (did I mention Augustine doesn't even take a binky?? But, oh do we try...only in the middle of the night when he wants "something" to suck on but really does not need to eat for 3-4 more hours):
Everytime I hear a peep from the peanut gallery (we're talking midnight...or 2 am...or 4 am...), I turn on the video monitor and see this--which means there is no more sleep to be had for either of us until he is nursed/rocked to sleep and/or rotated back to a straight position:

**This was taken upon waking up from a nap--as I am not yet courageous (crazy?) enough to risk waking Augustine up at night with the flash!**

Last night was one of many long nights in the past month and a half. Until 3 months, Augustine slept like a dream.

BUT Luke and I think we have finally got it figured out.

Tonight is THE night!

I will let you know how it goes...

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  1. This was such a cute post, Ann! I especially like the pic with Luke "watching" Augustine...too funny!:) Oh, and your glider "bed" made me sad for you!!