Monday, May 10, 2010

Onesies are meant to be pooped on--and other TidBits

An especially soiled onesie...

Having just celebrated my first (since Augustine's grand debut into the outside world) Mother's Day, I thought I would share a dozen (of the countless) things I have learned since beginning the wonderful journey of motherhood just 4.5 short months ago (These are in no way universal truths, just my opinions and experiences) :

1) Onesies are meant to be pooped on. Period. And thank goodness for them, or I am convinced we would not be able to contain the poop! Needless-to-say, when the time comes to pass Augustine's clothes on to some innocent child, there will be no onesies in the bin--because even if Tide has managed to do away with the evidence (which is only true in about half the cases), I know what goes down in those onesies...and it is not pretty! Seriously, how does the poop go up the back--we are talking up to the shoulder blades?? Really? Is it something I ate...or just the unfortunate laws of physics??

2) "Nap when the baby naps" sounds really awesome but is really hard to put into practice. I love Augustine's awake time, but when he turns in, I have a mental list of all the things I'd love to get done using two hands :).

3) You really do get endowed with supernatural powers the moment your child is born. How else do you explain the fact that I have not had a full night's sleep in five months and yet maintain sane ( least to some degree)?! Any other time in my life, just imagining my sleeping habits of late would have induced full on nausea. But if you ask me today, I really just can't wait to get up and be with my Little Man each morning...even if I did see him four times between 7 and 7.

4) What little hair you don't lose from the crazy hormone swings is pulled out by your baby's clammy, sticky fingers. I actually don't mind when Augustine grabs onto a handful of hair--it's kinda cute and I only lose a few strands in the "prying-out-of-said-clammy-hand" process. But when you already feel like you are going bald, each little hair is precious! Luke is thoroughly amazed--in a grossed out kind of way--at the amount of hair he finds around the house!

5) I still can't figure out if CIO (aka Cry It Out) refers to me or my child. All I know is that it isn't my style--or his. Cheers to those of you who can do are probably getting more sleep than me :).

6) Mama Bear--though coined in jest--is an appropriate term for me, and I'm proud of it! I cannot help the fact that I really do think I can take care of my baby better than anyone else can and that if he is crying, whining, frowning, hungry, or stinky I (or his Daddy) should be the one right there to make it better.

7) If anybody offers to make you dinner after you have a baby, just say YES!! An endless supply of bibs and onesies are great, but there is no greater gift than a warm, homecooked meal when you have a newborn. Thank you to everyone who made us food...and for everyone who got Augustine bibs and onesies, too!

8) Shots.are.cruel.

9) Breastfeeding is every bit as wonderful as I expected it to be...and more! I know not everyone can or wants to do it and I certainly don't judge anyone for their decision, but I cannot imagine anything better for Augustine and me. Those moments of feeding are so special, and it is a great excuse to steal him back from company every two hours :). It is also very empowering to know that I am giving Augustine everything he needs to thrive. It is so sweet to see the instant comfort Augustine receives when he begins to eat--I love it!

10) Some things get old quite quickly: pumping (I have so much respect for women who do that full time!), doing laundry all.the.time, worrying about anything and everything, going to the doctor to have pain inflicted upon Augustine way too often, the startle reflex (that just does not look fun), stuffy noses (...and the accompanying instruments--think saline dropper and the dreaded blue bulb (which I have somewhat successfully, and totally intentionally, persuaded Augustine to like!)).

11) But most things NEVER get old: making Augustine smile, holding Augustine as he sleeps, people telling me Augustine looks like me, bare tushie pats, skin-to-skin nursing, weighing Augustine (why is that the highlight of our doctor visits??), peering over the rail of Augustine's crib and seeing his smiling face first thing in the morning, taking pictures of the little guy, belly kisses, happy squeals, acknowledging that he is "yours" and reiterating his stats to countless strangers everyday, opening baby gifts, Augustine's little hands, watching Augustine on the video monitor (he is sleeping--usually/hopefully-, but it's just so cute!), Augustine immediatley calming down when I pick him up, seeing the two loves of my life together...and so much more!

12) We meet parents everyday who tell us that "it goes way too fast"...and they are all right. :( But it just makes me more determined to continue to enjoy and appreciate and live each moment fully with my precious little boy.

There is no love like the love for a child.

I am SO thankful for Augustine.

*My little source of so much JOY*


  1. Andrea! I love this post! How sweet of a list...and soooo true. Two things: 1) Poop and onesies DO go together and I swear Isaac only had blowouts when he was in a clean, white one. 2) Augustine DOES look like you. Such a sweetheart he is!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Such good suggestions...I will need to go back and go over what you said and put some of those things into practice. Kari just told me a couple days ago that she and their family light a small candle in front of a statue of Mary each morning, say a little prayer (along with their intentions) and then leave the candle on all day...reminding them what they've prayed for, etc. She could tell it better! It is tough though now in many ways...not having the same prayer life as we used to. I'm determined to 'find my way' soon.

    Whew! This is a long comment. Sorry. I am excited to follow your blog and read more about your wonderful family! (I am done now, I promise).

  2. 3,6,8,and 9 are very true for me as well. This was really fun to read. Love you:)