Thursday, May 20, 2010

In Loving Memory of My Mom

Twenty years ago today, the world lost someone very special--my Mom. Although I don't have too many actual memories of our time together, the ones I do have are close to my heart! I also appreciate all the "memories" I have been able to look back on through old pictures, and especially video recordings.

As I watch our old family videos (a favorite pastime of mine), it is apparent that my Mom never passed up an opportunity to tell me (or my siblings) that she loved us. And they weren't just empty words--boy, did my Mom love us! From the smiling pictures, to the animated videos, to the honest letters, to the kind words of her friends, to the often comical stories I hear from my Dad, I have never doubted my Mom's great, great love for me.

In fact, love for all life was at the core of my Mom's very being. During her short life, she was a huge pro-life advocate. I remember going to pray outside abortion clinics with her when I was little. Another way she showed her love was through Cradle Care--in addition to five children of her own, my Mom would take in newborns for several weeks immediately after they were born while their birth mothers decided whether to keep their baby or give him/her up for adoption. I am thankful for her heroic example and hope to continue her legacy as an advocate for the unborn.

I have missed my Mom much over the years. The big things are always hard without her--graduations, falling in love with the man of my dreams, getting married...but then, so are the little things--kisses goodnight, phone calls, college visits, "I love yous," etc.

And now, as a Mother myself, I miss my Mom dearly. I know how crazy she would be for Augustine and how very nice it would be to call her up and tell her all about everything!

Yet, I know her prayers in Heaven are far more powerful than her influence here would be, and I am very thankful--I would not be who I am, nor where I am, today without those prayers!

I will close with a quote from a letter my Mom wrote on her last Mother's Day, just weeks before her death:

"In the ancient Greek language, 'mitera' means one who gives Life.

A Mother is the beginning of life.

Mothers do not die, because they live in thehearts of their children

and their children's children..."


  1. This is beautiful Andrea...thank you for sharing this part of your life and your heart.

  2. This was great sis! I like the part about her loving us the most. and you are right, i have never, not even for a second, doubted how much she loves me. I hope I can instill that confidence in Tavey!