Monday, April 23, 2012

Tornado Warning

If someone were to ask to see a picture of my son these days, I don't know which image would be more appropriate to show them.

So innocent, right??

or This:
Yes, that is a tornado.

You see, as sweet as he is {and he is very sweet}, my son is wrecking severe havoc on my life. 

He roams around our house all day long ripping things out of their places, creating chaos, and destroying everything in his path {well, not everything...}. 

He climbs on chairs, he sprays mop solution all over the floor, he pulls every.single.piece of clothing out of his drawers and puts them in his clothes hamper {how helpful!}.  He can't walk by an outlet without unplugging whatever happens to be plugged in, be it a baby monitor, phone charger, Internet router or baby proofing outlet cover.  Similarly, he can't pass by the refrigerator with out pulling his artwork off of it, and he can't see his sister's bassinet without indulging the urge to throw her blanket out of it.  One sock is always forfeited at some point {or points} during the day. 

His uses the rocker to get on the changing table to get to the Vaseline. 
He uses the chair to get to the upper shelf of the bookcase to get the candle. 
He uses the stool to get on the toilet to get on the counter top to get his potty "treats" from the medicine cabinet.  

Perhaps the most accurate??  That little stick figure there--that's me.
His toy box, mind you, remains untouched most of the day.   

But, boy is he sweet.  No matter how big the mess or how frustrating the situation, I can't stay upset long.  Those big, blue eyes and innocent face melt me every time.

And he's so forgiving.  Even if I get upset, he is ready with a hug, a kiss, and an "I love you" to bring me back to reality and to what really matters.
Thank you, God, for my active and healthy little boy!  I will try not to lose it while hanging the same picture on the fridge for the third time in a day or wondering where my phone charger disappeared to--again.  I will be more patient and loving. 
I will thank you at all times for the many blessings in my life--among the greatest of which is my precious little boy.  

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