Saturday, April 21, 2012

7 Quick Takes : The Excited Edition {...a day late}

1)  Gemma is doing awesome!!  My diet is really helping with her tummy issues, and she is much happier.  The highlight today was being able to sit on the couch and read a magazine for about 15 minutes while she played alone on the floor.  Definitely a first for us.

2)  Since October Augustine has been nursing to sleep for his naps, as the result of a week-long vacation to Charleston in which nursing him was the only way to get him to nap.  But all this week he has been going down on his own.  And today, he took his nap on the twin mattress on the floor of his room, instead of in his crib.  What a big boy! 

3)  Luke's Mom and sister, Angela, are in town to visit.  It can be stressful at times, but it's great for Augustine and Gemma to get to know our families, especially since they live far away.  Aunt Angela just loves her niece and nephew and especially loves to watch Augustine play.

4)  Thursday night we ate at Chipotle, and Gemma didn't have a negative reaction!  This is very exciting, as I love Chipotle, and it is very hard to find places to eat while I am avoiding dairy, soy, gluten, peanuts, and eggs (!!!).  They do use soybean oil to cook, but the oil is so refined that it is not even considered an allergen--some children still show an aversion though, so I was worried, but she has done great with it!

5)  Luke has been MIA all day yesterday and today--which is not the exciting part.  But the reason he has been out and about is that he has been training new Mighty Kicks Franchisees!  There are now four MK franchises!  That is very exciting!

6)  I found a local, crunchy grocery store where you can grind your own nut butters!  Since I can't have peanut butter, which happens to be one of my favorite foods, I have been using store bought almond butter as a weak substitute.  When I grind my own, however, it tastes incredible!  My gluten free bread and gluten free pancakes taste so much better now :)

7)  I have been doing a lot of house hunting lately, and I am planning a trip to Colorado in June to see my family and visit some houses!  If we find something we really love, we plan to buy a house at the end of July or August!  If not, we may have to rent until we do.       


  1. How is tandem nursing for you? Lucy is still nursing a few times throughout the day...definitely at nap time and before bed. She doesn't nurse to sleep, but still enjoys it so I guess neither of us is ready to wean. Did you have any problems? Glad your food life is improving!

  2. omg look at that adorable girl! and what a big boy :) i love you and I love all of your exciting updates!!!