Thursday, March 1, 2012


A little random for your Thursday evening entertainment {or maybe my Seven Quick Takes almost a week late...}

*I came across this quote about motherhood the other day and really liked it:

“There is no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one” ~Jill Churchill

*One of my friend's recently posted this as her status on Facebook:

OK, so I know I may not have a lot of support here, and likely will offend some peeps, but I am really tired of hearing about how much conservatives apparently hate women, want to control what women do with their own bodies, etc, etc. As a woman who is both a Republican (gasp!) and a Catholic (eeeek!), I think it's ridiculous for insurance companies to have to provide for free birth control. I can certainly understand why some religiously-affiliated employers would oppose offering such insurance policies, and it has nothing to do with their desire to control women. Using birth control is a choice, not a right, because needing birth control in the first place is a choice, and I don't understand why someone else should pay for what I choose to do.

I say, well put.

*Now that I am a Mom of two young children, keeping up with housework is a bit harder than it used to be.  It's always helpful to have a little extra motivation to keep things in order...and hosting a play date seems to be just the motivation I need!  So thank you to Elizabeth and her cuties, Max and Charlie for scheduling a play date this week.  {Although Elizabeth actually forgot and we ended up rescheduling last minute, my house (and family) still reaped the benefits} :).

*A few months ago, my sweet baby boy locked himself in our bathroom for about half an hour.  Thankfully, he didn't panic {or turn scalding hot water on himself...or turn on my hair straightener and burn himself...or play in the toilet...or fall into the toilet}.  I kept telling him that he was stuck and that he needed to unlock the door.  I am pretty sure the lady who lived here before us had severe trust issues of some sort because there are industrial style door knobs and locks on the bathroom doors {as well as key only deadbolts on the front and back doors}.  Needless-to-say, we don't lock our bathroom doors ever and must have lost the keys as soon as we moved in.  And trust me, a bobby pin or credit card wouldn't even phase these locks.  Anyway, Augustine eventually listened and unlocked the door.  Whew!

...But then on Thursday, he locked us out of the bathroom.  We searched the house for the keys, to no avail.  Two days, a drill, several screwdrivers, loads of frustration, and a crowbar later {not to mention a damaged door and frame} Luke broke into our bathroom. 

It's been that kind of week.
*Augustine has eaten peanut butter and honey sandwiches for part of his lunch the past two days. This brings so much joy to my life!  It may not seem like a big deal, but I've been wanting him to eat sandwiches {and fewer "noo-noos"--noodles} for a long time, and he has never really seemed interested.  It's such an easy lunch staple...and delicious, too! 
We eat pb most everyday in our house--yum!

*What's Augustine's new favorite toy?  Luke's wedding ring.  Um, yeah.  Imagine my surprise the other morning when Luke called me in a panic to inform me that his wedding ring was "somewhere on the living room floor."  Sure enough I found it on the edge of the throw rug, about two feet from the fire place.  Apparently, Luke and Augustine have this really fun game where Luke throws his wedding band and Augustine goes and finds it; repeat.  We have agreed that this game should no longer be played--with wedding bands!  Balls, fine. 

*Did you know they make non-alcoholic wine?!  I had no idea!  Luke spotted some while we were grocery shopping today, and we both wanted to try it.  Our immediate reaction was that it tasted like a combination of grape juice and wine {it is, after all 21% real fruit juice}.  But the more I sipped on it, the more I enjoyed it.  It definitely a worry-free way to enjoy something wine-ish during these consecutive years of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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  1. First of all, I like your friends facebook quote. I say absolutely not to the wedding ring! The bathroom fiasco is really funny and I'm excited to tell Cole! And I am excited on your behalf that Augustine will finally eat bread! haha :)