Sunday, March 4, 2012

Proud Wife

I am so proud of my husband! 

It has been hard work--a few years of hard work--but it has been worth it to achieve one of his career goals.
When we moved to Virginia, almost four years ago, Luke was starting over in terms of his career.  All he had ever known was playing soccer,  which was a fine living for a young bachelor.  But as a new husband--and potential Daddy--he needed something more to provide for his family and future. 

The first few months in our new town Luke began coaching a few youth teams, in addition to playing professionally.  This helped financially, and we were able to keep our expenses low, but in saving and planning for our future family, it wasn't enough. 

A natural born entrepreneur, Luke quickly decided to start his very own coaching business.  After initially focusing on individual training sessions, he quickly switched gears and realized that offering enrichment programs to preschools and daycares was more his niche. 

And so Little Kicks was born. 

Just three and a half years later, Little Kicks serves over 3,000 toddlers a year at over 60 daycares/preschools in the Richmond area!  It is a fun business for us to manage together--Luke works much, much more than I do {and he does all the hard stuff}; but I try to support him emotionally and also do quite a bit of seasonal administrative work, which I really enjoy. 
Then a few years ago, Luke decided he wanted to franchise his business.  After a months of preparations, legal work, etc, his business became franchise-able {under the name Mighty Kicks}.  It turns out all the preparation is the easy part--actually selling a franchise is where it gets tough! 

But yesterday, Luke officially sold his first franchise!!  Our franchisee was just in town for two days learning the ins and outs of the business.  It has been Luke's goal to someday just sell and manage franchises, and this was a big step in that direction. 

Luke teaches me so much without even knowing it.  He takes risks, he dreams big {and plans big}, he sets goals, he works hard, and he accomplishes great things!  He does things I would never even dream of doing...or even trying...or even thinking possible.  Yet, all the while, he keeps his relationship with Christ and his family his priority.  It makes me so happy to watch him set and meet his career goals.  His focus and determination are so attractive to me.   
My hero
{I had never seen this pic of him until two minutes ago when
I google imaged him...I'm going to guess circa 2006}

If you think of it, please say some prayers for his work and the future of his business.  We are hopeful that things will continue to go well, which will help us achieve some of our other big plans in the not-so-distant future...!!   

Saint Jose Maria Escriva and St Joseph, pray for us!


  1. We are all so proud of him!!! Such exciting news...and other exciting news will be following shortly :)

  2. Congratulations! That's really awesome for you guys.

  3. That is so awesome! Congrats on all the success! I hope it continues to bloom!