Thursday, July 28, 2011

Augustine's {long-overdue} Wee-View

Geez, I need to get on here more often . . . otherwise so many things change in the life of my wee one that I get too overwhelmed to sit down and share them all!  But this month has been extraordinary in terms of changes and milestones in Augustine's life, so here we go...  

About a month ago, Augustine stopped nursing before bed, which I wrote briefly about last month.  This was a big step, maybe even more so for me than for Augustine!

And then, like magic, he started sleeping through the night almost immediately.  Woo-hoo!

I didn't want to press my luck, but a few weeks after that I stopped nursing him to sleep for his nap.  I thought it was going to be a big fail with him just getting upset, but he has been doing great! 

About two weeks ago, Augustine said, "poo poo."  "Oh, do you have to go poo-poo?" Luke hypothetically asked him.  And Augustine not-so-hypothetically answered about five minutes later...when the room began to smell...  So a few hours later when Augustine said, "pee pee," Luke suggested putting him on his potty, and not 30 seconds later he had peed in the potty!  Since then Augustine has been using the potty several times a day, though at this point, it has much more to do with me putting him on the potty than him telling us he has to go.  I will write a separate post on our potty training adventures later.  But for now I am just excited at the prospect of only having one baby in diapers at a time, as I had originally thought it would be impossible to potty train Augustine by the time the new baby was born. 

Yes, that is a real dog.  Augustine loves dogs.
Another big move for the little man has been from sitting in his high chair to sitting in a booster seat during meals.  I think he really likes being up at the table with me and Luke, and I know Luke and I are enjoying it. :)  He is very proficient with silverware and prefers a spoon and fork to his fingers.  He will try to stab peas and diced carrots with his fork before he will pick them up with his hands.  Breakfast is super easy on me these days--I can pour him a bowl of cereal {multi-grain Cheerios are the current fav} or give him a container of yogurt and he will spoon feed himself...he even drinks the milk out of the bowl. :) 

Our big boy sitting at the table with Mom and Dad. 
{So happy not to have to clean a high chair tray for the next year!}

Finally, Augustine is making great strides in communicating.  He says lots of words, including mama, dada, music, milk, dog, noodles, more, all done, please, ouch, and help.  He also does a few signs, including more, all done, please, thank-you, and potty.  Even when he doesn't know a word for something, he is pretty good at communicating what he needs or wants.     
So clean!!

And on the more mischievious side, Augustine can now climb up and walk around on the couches and crawl down the stairs--both scare the daylights out of me.

So that is the latest on the little guy.  I will try to resume some sort of Wee-View soon!!

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  1. Wee-view, that's hilarious!! He's a superstar! As are you and L!