Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Prelude to Estella's Birth Story

Estella's pregnancy was a little different than my other two--which were very similar.  The only significant difference between the first two is that Augustine arrived a week late, and Gemma surprised us by being nine days early! 
Spilling the beans!!  So excited for our new addition :)
Estella's pregnancy was routine for me in that I was nauseous until about 18/20 weeks, my iron levels were low, and I consistently measured small.  But overall, her pregnancy was more uncomfortable for me.  I had some {not too serious} varicose veins, which was probably more of a vanity issue for me than anything else {the things we go through for our babies...yet it is SO worth it!}  I also found it difficult to be pregnant through the {Colorado} winter because I wasn't able to get out and walk most days like I did with my previous pregnancies.
20 weeks pregnant--half way there!
And then there was the whole switching midwives and moving across the country at 37 weeks pregnant thing, which wasn't as stressful as most people assume but definitely brought it's fair share of challenges.  Most women are over being pregnant those last few weeks and just can't wait for their little one to arrive, but with so much going on with the move, Luke's season starting, and us getting settled, we really weren't ready for our new baby to arrive until a week before her due date.  I didn't even meet the midwife who would be delivering our baby at our home until I was almost 38 weeks pregnant!  Thankfully, she was calm and confident and positive about the whole thing from the start, which gave us a lot of consolation about our decisions regarding the baby's birth.

Ready to meet our little one...very pregnant {39 or 40 weeks}

Stay tuned for the part where the baby is born...soon, promise!


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