Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spoiler Alert

Well, folks, it's been awhile...a long while.  I think the biggest reason I haven't blogged in the past nine months or so is because my laptop crashed, and I do everything on my iPad now. 

And no one has time to blog on an iPad. 

Right now, I am sneaking onto my hubby's laptop, but since he works from home, these opportunities are few and far between. 

Anyway, I just wanted to quickly share with you our most exciting news since my last post...

On April 4th, we welcomed a beautiful baby girl into our family!  I had just found out I was pregnant around the time I stopped blogging.  I never meant to go this long without updating you all, but life happens.  We have had a very eventful nine months, and I hope to update you on the highlights of that time soon.

In the meantime, please welcome Estella Maris!!  Stay tuned for her birth story--hopefully in the next week or so.   
Our three littles after Estella's Baptism on April 13th. 


  1. I was so excited to see a blog post from you! And I am even more excited for your post on Estella's birth! I want all the details!!! lol :) Miss you!

  2. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughter! I'm also excited for the birth story. I like those sort of things :-)