Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

So thankful to God for:
My husband...
who loves me more than I love myself
who doesn't just tolerate me, but pursues me, when I am grumpy
who puts his clean clothes away without me asking {and before I even put mine away!}
who keeps God first in his life, in theory and in practice
who is always quick to forgive
who is a wonderful example of generousity
who isn't afraid to set high goals and work hard for them
who writes me love notes and sends me sweet text messages
who has no idea how absolutely wonderful he is
who is a fun and dedicated Dad to our babies
who has loved and cherished our children from the very earliest moments of their existence
who rises with our early riser {whomever it may be} and lets me sleep for a little longer
who is strong enough to play soccer for a living but
who is tender enough to cry at the births of our babies
who makes me feel like the only woman in the world
who knows what it truly means to love another

My little boy...
who loves to help me cook
who is empathetic and sensitive, giving loves to those who need them, and
who is also fiesty at times {have you seen him with Tavian...}!
who thinks a big scoop of peanut butter is the best dessert ever!
who taught me how to be a Mom
who is more persistant than anyone I know
who still loves to cuddle with me
who gives the best good morning hugs ever
whose bed head could brighten anyone's 7am
who makes me proud and makes me laugh everyday
who still takes good, long naps
who loves Jesus

My baby girl....
who gives me kisses on demand
who smells so good
who snuggles in bed with me
who melts my heart when she says, "mama"
who showers me with love and smiles even though she hasn't had the easiest baby life
who has extremely smoochable cheeks
who brings me great joy anticipating all we will do together that I didn't get to do with my Mom
who would rather be in my arms than anywhere else
who has the cutest, scrunchy nose face ever
who makes me wish time would stay still so she would grow up so fast

My home...
that is near my family
that is big enough to sleep lots of babies {and guests}
that is warm
that has swings! {any bad day in toddler-land can be cured with a go on the swing}

My faith...
that gives me reason to hope
that encourages me to seek for Truth
that pushes me to grow
that allows me to encouter Jesus in the Eucharist
that keeps me going when things are hard

My Family...
who laughs with me
who can share in, and understand, my experiences as a parent
who loves me, particularities and all
who will always be there

My best friend...
who I would choose as a sister even if I wasn't already blessed with her as one
who truly listens
who, after Luke, is the first person I would call for anything and everything

...And so much more.  I am so thankful today, and everyday, for all my many blessings!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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  1. I have been away from blog reading for a long, long time, but I'm SO glad I got to read this!! It makes me miss the Verc family a lot! It's so beautiful to watch you two (plus two) as an example of a thriving Christian husband and wife team (and family)!