Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our New House!

Here it is, a picture of our new house!! 
It is not technically ours for another month, assuming all goes well with the inspection and closing {...and that it doesn't burn down with the rest of my beautiful state}.  But we are excited to be under contract and to have one big item checked off this summer's "to-do list."

I will save pictures of the inside for a future blog post when I can show "before" and "after" transformations, but here are a few of the backyard:
Love that open space!  And a shed.

Augustine gave it his stamp of approval!  He caught a glipse of this play structure as we began our tour of the house
 and spent the rest of our time there playing out back while I checked out the rest of the house.

A big, flat backyard was seriously at the top of my husband's wist list for our new house,
and this yard does not disappoint!

I am hoping I can covet just a small area of this glorious lawn for a garden--we'll see :).  I really love that Luke and Augustine {and before we know it, Gemma, too} will have plenty of room to run around in, chasing soccer balls and playing catch.  I told Luke my only concern is that the yard may be too big and that I wouldn't always be able to see Augustine from the back porch--he, of course, laughed. 

We are also beyond excited that in the next couple weeks a neighborhood park is being completed just down the street.  In addition to playgrounds, a basketball court, etc, it also has a soccer field.  Luke is in heaven! :)

Please pray for God's Will as we complete this home-buying process and also for the
end to the massive fires burning in Colorado. 


  1. Gorgeous!! Where is the new house? Are you anywhere close to Boulder? Maybe we could have a playdate since our kids are so close in age!

    1. Kate, we would love to arrange a playdate sometime :) The house is in FC, but we could definitely make it work. I hope you all stay safe with the fires out there.