Thursday, June 28, 2012

20 Questions {about our move}

Since making an announcement about our cross-country move, I have been getting questions left and right!  Rather than answer everyone individually, I thought I would just pose the most common inquiries, and their respective answers, here.  If you don't care how, why, when, or where we are moving, this post probably isn't for you :)  

Q)  When are you moving?
A)  We are moving in in less than three months.  Equally exciting and nauseating--given that I have no idea where to start with packing.

Q)  Where are you moving?
A)  Without getting too specific, we are moving to Colorado.  We will be settling down in the area I grew up in, within a couple minutes of two of my sisters and my Dad!

Q)  Have you bought a house there?
A)  We are under contract for a house and are scheduled to close at the end of July.  Prayers that it all works out according to God's Will for us would be greatly appreciated.

Q)  What are you doing with your house in Virginia?
A)  We will be renting out our house in VA.  Over the next couple weeks we will be showing the house to interested parties and hope to have immediate renters when we move {prayers again, please :)}.

Q)  Is Luke going to play soccer in Colorado?
A)  It would be great if Luke could  play soccer in CO.  He plans on training with the MLS team there this fall.  Depending on their current roster and what they are looking for, Luke may be the perfect addition. :)

Q)  What if Luke doesn't get to play with the team in CO?
A)  If Luke doesn't get picked up in CO, we may return to VA for the spring/summer 2013.  But, there is always the possibility that this will be Luke's last year of playing professional soccer.

Q)  What will Luke do for work in CO?
A)  Luke started a business in VA {Little Kicks}, which he then franchised {under the name Mighty Kicks}.  We have hired a manager to run the business in VA after we move, but Luke will still be involved in that business.  Additionally, Luke will be selling and managing Mighty Kicks franchises and working in a partnership to start Mighty Kicks in our new area. 

Q)  Why are you moving to CO?
A)  We are moving to CO because it has always been our long-term goal to raise our kiddos near their cousins and to live near family.  In VA, we are hundreds of miles away from our families.  We are really looking forward to living near some of our best friends {my sisters/brothers-in-laws}.

Q)  Can I come to visit?
A)  Yes, please!  Our home has plenty of room for guests, and we would love to have friends from across the country come to visit.   

Q)  How are you moving all your stuff across the country?
A)  We don't know.  Since we aren't super attached to any of our current furniture, there's a good chance we will sell at least some--if not most--of it here in VA.  Even still we will need some sort of mobile storage/moving device.  We have considered PODS; Luke hauling a small unit behind his car; and Luke hauling his car behind a moving truck.  Suggestions, advice, tips, please!  {My vote is for a POD}.
And then I guess there's always this option...just kidding. 

Q)  Will you be coming back to VA to visit?
A)  I am sure Luke will be back at least once a year for business and to check in with our renters.  Honestly, I don't know when/if the kiddos and I will come back to visit.

Q)  Are you big skiiers?  {Most people seem to think "Coloradoan" is synonymous with "skiier"}
A)  We are skiiers/snow boarders but not big ones.  Call me crazy, but I was born and raised in CO and didn't go skiing for the first time until I was 16!  {Probably because it is so darn expensive}.  We will be happy if we make it up for one weekend of skiing this year

There you have it, all the details about our move, and in just twelve questions!


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