Thursday, February 3, 2011

What could be more stylish than bright yellow license plates?

...How about bright yellow license plates that support a good cause??

This year on the anniversary of Roe v Wade--the decision to legalize abortion in the US--Luke and I were disappointed not to be able to participate in the March for Life in DC. The March is an annual gathering of hundreds of thousands [over 400,000 this year!] of people making a peaceful stance in support of ALL life at our nation's capital. We had planned to attend, but as the date approached...and the super cold weather reports came in...we decided it just wasn't a good idea for Augustine to be outside all day.

So we brainstormed other ways we could act on our prolife convictions and decided to get "Choose Life" license plates. [I would also like to start making a regluar committment to pray outside an abortion clinic, especially now that I won't be working--maybe once a month to start. Btw, have you read unPlanned yet? I picked it up at Barnes and Noble the other day and finished it in about 24 hours! The book highlighted the positive influence you can have as a peaceful prayer warrior, which I found very encouraging. If anyone wants to borrow it, I can mail it to YOU!].

Anyway, back to the plates...

We had them personalized. Mine "say" LOVES LIFE.

Luke's say CORBAN, which means all for God.
Needless-to-say, I don't think I will ever lose my car in a parking lot again...


  1. Beautiful Andrea! I love it. You are such a wonderful inspiration and I might have to go get that book at lunch today. xoxoxo

  2. I have always wanted a pro life license plate! that is so cool. Oh, and I want the book. ME! but i don't mind buying my own either if someone else wants it!:)

  3. You are THAT pro-life lady. And you are like 28. I love it.