Friday, December 4, 2009


The countdown is on! Our Little Man, Augustine, is due in 18 days!! I always thought that by this point in pregnancy, I would be so sick of being pregnant and just want my baby to be born...but Luke and I are completely content waiting a few more weeks for the big debut. (Of course, we couldn't be more excited to meet Augustine face to face, but we are also enjoying our last few weeks before he comes). At our doctor's appointment yesterday, Dr. Paoloni said he will induce me on December 30th if Augustine hasn't come on his own...just in time for Augustine's Godparents (my sister, Caitlin, and her husband, Cole) to arrive!

I have had so much energy this week! Luke has been feeling so tired, and I have been running around like the energizer bunny! Augustine's nursery is finished...and so cute! Yesterday I finally washed his clothes--I have been putting it off for weeks. There are still many small things I can do to do to prepare, and I really enjoy having this time off of work to prepare--I don't know if it's possibly to ever be totally ready, but we are ready enough. I will put up some pictures of the nursery and my ever-growing belly soon...

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