Sunday, March 8, 2015

Daily Snap Shots--February

The first words out of my son't mouth today: "Mom, Superbowl today! The Patriots play against the Sea Hawks!" Indeed, it's Superbowl Sunday!  We have a vested interest in the game, as the Patriots are Luke's favorite team...and the rest of the family's 2nd favorite team :).  The Pats won--yay!

Luke's soccer schedule was released today...and the Switchbacks home opener is on April 4th, which happens to be Luke and Estella's birthdays and Holy Saturday! We are making an event out of it, hoping to get all of our Colorado family to the game, as well as Luke's parents and a couple of his siblings.  A highlight of my day was having Caitlin come over to watch The Bachelor with me tonight--judge us hard ;).  It's always fun to spend a little time together when we aren't simultaneously wrangling six little people.

Speaking of time with sisters, this morning we had a fun play date at Sarah's house.  The kids love playing at Aunt Sarah's!  She has!

It snowed a lot today! I am not a cold or a snow person, but there is not a bone in my body willing to complain because we have had such a mild winter.  I am pretty sure it has been colder in Richmond this winter than it has been in our town.  In other news, Gemma has been waking up in the middle of the night the past couple nights.  She turns on her light, and like, plays--for like a long time?!  It needs to stop. :)
But, seriously, look at that smile! [and that look of fear! lol.]

This evening we went to visit some public schools that we are considering for Augustine next year.  Ah, the decisions.  I am sure this will be an ongoing discussion, but for now, we have no idea what we are going to do.  After we put the kids to bed, we went on a double date with Caitlin and Cole.  It felt like a parting date because we are moving to CO Springs so soon, but in reality, I am guessing we will make it back to visit often.

Mexican food and margaritas--yum!
Tonight was the kids' Book Fair at their preschool.  We took them out to Chick-fila first, and then they enjoyed the games, balloons, face painting, and of course, book-buying at the fair.  We are going to miss their wonderful school this spring, but Gemma is already enrolled for next fall.

They love to play house--Gemma is always the Mom :)
Most of today was spent packing.  My anxiety levels are raising by the minute, but Luke is as cool as a cucumber.  Even when we have moved across the country [many times], he goes to his closet about an hour before we leave, gathers all his clothes together in one swift grab, and takes them out to the car.  Packing done.  My packing looks a little different...and takes a lot longer! Tonight Gemma slept in her big bed instead of her crib--this transition needs to happen now, as not only won't she have her crib at the new house, but she will be sleeping in the top bunk!  I think she'll do great :)

We had breakfast with my Dad this morning and then went to his house to pick up some beds he is giving us for the new house.  This afternoon, Gemma and Luke had a special date at the Butterfly Kisses dance.  It was cuteness overload!  They went as a group with Uncle Chris/Teags and Uncle Cole/Felicty.  They had a wonderful time...until the very end of the dance when Gemma unexpectedly threw up...

I am just going off phone pics here, so I don't have one of the whole group. :(
This morning Augustine was set to go to school, followed by soccer class [during which time I was going to have a brief exit meeting with his teacher], followed by his best school friend, Tyler, coming over to play...but instead we stayed home all day with three sick kiddos.  Gemma was running a fever; Stella was developing a cold; and Augustine woke up in the middle of the night with croup.  Boo!  We did make it to the doctor for a quick visit, but he just gave us a three day steriod for Augustine's croup and sent us on our way.

Luke and I took Estella to Colorado Springs this morning to close on our new house. Luke drove a moving truck and I drove Luke's car.  Aunt Cait and Aunt Sarah graciously watched Augustine and Gemma, who seemed to get sicker by the minute all day.  I had originally planned on staying the night in the Springs, but I knew I needed to get home to be with Augustine and Gemma. *in hindsight, today was the beginning of one of the most stressful months of my life!*

Today was plain hard.  The kids and I planned to meet up with Luke in Colorado Springs on Friday so that they could finish up this week at school [A and G today-Wednesday- and A on Friday]...but they were too sick to go to school today.  By early afternoon, I figured the likelihood of Augustine being well enough for school Friday was slim, so I decided we were driving to the Springs tonight! [With three sick kiddos, single parenting was getting quite challenging, and I wasn't up for another night of it without Luke]. For the next several hours, I was going a million miles a minute packing, cleaning, comforting sick babies, repeat.  It was very physically exhausting.  During the brief times that Estella let me put her down, Gemma wanted to be held, so I strapped her into the Ergo and continued packing.  I wasn't sure when we would be back--days? weeks?  I wanted to make sure we had what we needed to get by, and I also wanted the house to be in good condition--no dirty dishes, etc.  We finally made it out of the house at 7:15pm.  I was so happy to arrive at our new house two hours later.

Well, that was rough.  I hesitate to describe what I did last night as "sleep."  Three sick kids, Augustine and Gemma sharing a room for the first time, Gemma sleeping in a bunk bed instead of her crib, everyone in a new house...and Luke and my bedroom on the main floor!  We must have gone up the stairs 20 times throughout the night.  We may, in the very near future, be moving a bed up to the loft so we can be closer to the kids!  I took the kids back to the doctor--a new doctor whom we had never met before but who turned out to be wonderful!  We walked in with fevers, coughs, and runny noses and left with 4 ear infections, antibiotics, cough syrup, and a hefty bill :). I am not a huge fan of medicine, but I think I would have agreed to individual IV drips for each of my kids at this point, and I was more than happy to serve up the gooey, pink stuff several times a day.

It was another hard day with recovering kiddos.  I usually like to do all my unpacking in a day or two and to get settled right away...and that just wasn't happening with a permanent [cute], 16 pound fixture in my arms [and much of the night!].  Sick kids are no joke.  I don't recall my kids ever all being sick at the same time, and certainly not this sick. Today we did move a mattress up to the loft for Luke and I to sleep on!  It's only temporary, but very much necessary for the time being!!

This afternoon my Aunt Sarah arrived for a visit.  The big kids were feeling better, but their coughs were still awful.  Augustine and Gemma warmed up to their Great Aunt Sarah very quickly, and she made their day by telling them many, many stories--some even had felt story boards! Luke and I [with our little sidekick, Estella] even sneaked away to have dinner with Luke's team--Happy Valentine's Day to us! [Obviously, there was a man in charge of the schedule...]

We went to Mass this morning and ran into my cousin and his family.  We are slowly, but surely, getting the house set up.  We already had all our beds/mattresses, but most of our other furnishings have come off of craigslist.  Today Luke bought a desk; it is massive and has about 47 pieces. You win some, you lose some...

My Aunt Sarah left early this morning.  I had a hard day.  I cried.  Estella is still sick, and she is still wanting to be held all day.

Estella's happy place--the bathtub.
I didn't record anything for today.  I probably spent the day dreading tomorrow. *Oh wait, I just remembered Luke took me out to dinner this night.  He got one of his teammates' wives to babysit. It was fun.*

After sleeping through Luke's alarm, we didn't wake up until 6:45am, when Gemma stumbled into our room [we are back sleeping in our room on the main floor again...and it is going much better]. Normally, sleeping until 6:45am is a good thing but not when you were supposed to be in the car by 6:30am!!  The kids and I drove back to Fort Collins so Augustine and Gemma could go to another week of school and say goodbye to their classmates/teachers.  We showed up 10 minutes late--I looked like I needed a shower and a large pot of coffee.

Making the most of our time back in Fort Collins, this morning I went to a Moms Transmit the Faith gathering, hosted by a mom in my mom's group at church. Caitlin and Cole had us over for dinner--good food and good company and good playmates for the kids! :)

I had a meeting with Augustine's teacher when I picked him up from school today.  She said he is doing awesome with reading, letter sounds, etc. but that he could use some more practice with his fine motor.  I agree.  When I taught him to read, we skipped the handwriting aspect, so it makes sense that that is where he needs some work.  She also mentioned that he is still quite quiet at school, although much less so than he used to be.  Large group settings have always brought out his quiet side, so we aren't super worried, but it is something on our radar.  He passed his speech evaluation this year, which is good.  They say that women talk considerably more than men, and Gemma is proving "them" right.  She is our little outgoing chatterbox. The highlight of today was Luke driving up from Colorado Springs to spend the weekend with us!  We also decided today that we should rent our house out while we are away in the Springs.  Ah, the stress!

Clean. Pack. Clean. Pack. Clean. Pack. One of the things I was looking forward to when I thought we weren't renting out house out is that I could leave clothes in drawers, food in the freezer, random junk in the junk drawer, etc. Although we rent out house out fully furnished and don't have to move any furniture, it is still a lot of work getting it ready for someone else to live in!
Luke went to rock the baby to sleep.  An hour later, this is what I found.
I think this picture pretty much sums up this month.

My Dad came over for breakfast.  We did more cleaning and packing.  We had dinner at Cait and Cole's house with my Dad and my cousin, Amanda, was in town, visiting CSU.

Luke left early this morning to go back to CO Springs. :(  Estella is still sick--aye, aye, aye.  Augustine had a playdate with one of his buddies after school, while the girls and I met up with my sisters and cousin for a lunch date.

Having my family here is obviously the best thing about Fort Collins.  This morning, we played at Sarah's house.  I love how the kids get to grow up with their cousins. :)  I took Estella back to the doctor--now she has a stomach bug.  Will the sickness every end?!  Come on, spring!!

Mrs Potato Head :)
Today, the kids had their last day of preschool for the year, as we aren't going to enroll them anywhere in the Springs.  After school, we went home, I turned on a show for them, and I repeated last Wednesday...I feel like such a complainer, but it was so hard.  Like I said a while back, this was a hard month for me!  As soon as the house was in show-condition, I got the kids in the car and drove back to the Springs.

My sister, Sarah, saved the day and showed our house for us this morning.  Luke's mom, brother Anthony [and girlfriend, Maria], and sister, Tessa [and boyfriend, Dan] arrived from the east coast for a visit today.  Though exhausted, we enjoyed an evening together. I refused to let anyone cook or clean, so we ordered pizza and drank wine.

Augustine started off the morning with a bang by throwing up in bed.  Lucky for me, Luke was cuddling with him when it happened and assumed all responsibility for the mess. :)  Anthony and Maria headed up to the ski mountain early, but Nana, Dan, and Tessa didn't leave until the afternoon.

Luke had a pre-season game today.  Not to sound like a downer, but him being gone for hours at a time on a Saturday afternoon just isn't my favorite right now.
Dad being gone is a good excuse to cuddle up
and watch a show in Mom and Dad's bed, though.

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  1. February is my least favorite month of the year. Sickness, short, cold days. Bah humbug. Thank the Lord for sunny spring days and daylight saving time.