Friday, May 24, 2013

Family Pictures {Augustine & Gemma} December 2012

These Little People are my world.
He hugs her--a lot. 
Sometimes she likes it,
and sometimes it feels {and looks}
more like a choke hold to her and she screams.
Several times a day, I find myself saying,
"Be nice to your sister." 
"Be gentle."
I can't believe it's starting already...
maybe payback for all the fighting my sisters and I did growing up. 
Is there anything sweeter than the man you love loving on your babies?
Our babies are blessed with an incredible Father.
We just get each other. 
Of course, I would have gladly welcomed a boy or a girl
when Gemma was born, but I am so happy God gave me a girl this time.
I want to do all the things with her that I didn't get to do with my Mom
...and all the other things, too.
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.
You make me happy when skies are grey.
The one who made me a Mama
and showed me that I could love a child
more than I ever knew possible.
Augustine is talking non-stop these days--
sometimes a little too much, if you know what I mean.
When the kids and I were in CO a few weeks ago,
Augustine talked Luke's ear off on the phone.
It was his first legitimate phone conversation,
consisting of more than just, "Love you, miss you, bye."
He talked about his plane ride, soccer, his friends--guy stuff.
Gemma kisses in her sleep--for real.
Whether Luke is going in to rock her in the middle of the night
or I am going in to nurse her,
she often gives us a few sweet kisses on our chest.
Last night, I went in to console her when she was more awake and she said, "hug, hug," and gave me the sweetest hug before she started nursing.
When I raise my voice out of frustration, Augustine often asks me,
"Mom, you a bad guy? {or, "Mom, you a mean guy?}. 
When I say no, he says, "You a nice guy?"
to which I reply, "I'm always a nice guy {ha!}"

He teaches me something{s} every single day--usually about love,
sometimes about dinosaurs or yaks. 
Gemma is full of personality. 
She is a go-getter, determined, and stubborn.
She is an extrovert, always smiling, and earns the admiration of passers-by everywhere we go.

Lately, we have been amused by her saying,
"Your welcome," {instead of "thank you"} every time we give her something. 
It makes Augustine crazy. 
She definitely has him wrapped around her little finger.
Each day when Luke comes home from soccer
she runs to the door with her arms in the air yelling,
"Dada, Dada!!"

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