Friday, February 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes (8): Well, Hello Again!

Ok, so it's been quite a long while since I have been on my blog.  I have a few posts written but unpublished because I need to upload the photos first--I am so impressed with people who take the time to upload them daily!  But for now, just a few quick takes to get you all caught up on our life.
Birthday Girl!
1)  Gemma is our Gem.  She can melt any heart, and she is such a lover.  She blows kisses and waves wherever we go.  My new favorite thing that she does is whenever I say, "Gemmy, pray," she holds her hands together and smiles.  Love that!  She has always been a go-getter and is practically running already.  She knows what she wants and communicates well--sometimes with real words, sometimes by pointing, and sometimes with a good old, high pitched scream!  She has Luke wrapped around her little finger for sure.
2)  Augustine is such a big boy now.  He picks up on so much these days.  When I am tucking him in on a date night he almost always picks up on it, and he says, "Where you 'bout to go, Mom?"  He is saying some funny stuff lately!  About a week ago, Luke was "nagging" him {i.e. telling him it was time to go a couple times or something like that}, and with a totally straight face he said, "Dad, stop freakin' me out!"  Hmmm, I wonder where he has heard that before.  Ahem, ahem.  He has since used that phrase one other time, also appropriately. :)
She loves crayons.

My sweet girl.

3)  Luke is switching gears and focusing his career energies entirely on Mighty Kicks and overseeing Little Kicks.  He is home all day with us for the most part.  We love waking up with him, generally having him home for three meals a day, and going to sleep with him.  He misses playing soccer, but we are trying to focus on the perks of life after soccer--of which there are many. 
Melting crayon art this afternoon.
4)  I feel like I am really catching my stride here.  I am finding more order to my days than when we first moved, and I have hope of crossing some of the bigger things off my ever-growing to-do list soon.  As much as I miss my VA girlfriends {and I do miss you all!}, I am making some good friends here, as well as spending time with old friends.  It is fun being able to see two of my closest friends--friendships formed in junior high!--on a regular basis now. 
A "Gunner Burrito!"
5)  Luke and I would really love to have some more babies.  It's not a physical possibility quite yet, but is has been on my mind a bit lately.  If you would offer some prayers for the future of our family, that would be awesome!!  I feel like our culture takes babies for granted, as if you can have one any old time you want, but I know that is not true, and I just pray that God will grow our family if, and when, it is His Will and that I will find peace with that.  Thank you.
Augustine being a good big brother.
6)  It's 9:38pm on a Friday night.  I am home with my sleeping babes while my hubs is out with his friends for the evening.  I have eaten ice cream and chips, watched almost two episodes of one of my favorite shows, and spent an hour deleting friends on Facebook.  After being sick all week, I can totally appreciate a night like this. 
7)  Good night, sleep tight!      

Birthday Boys!!

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