Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Who Says it has to be Itsy Bitsy?

Confession:  I haven't worn a one piece bathing in about 15 years. 
The last one I remember wearing was a navy blue Speedo commemorating the {then current} 1996 Olympic Games--totally sporty, not fashionable. 

Swim suits are a hard issue for me.

For the past several years, I have had a huge war waging in my head over them.  On the one hand, I don't want to give bikinis up because they are cute, I have a bunch of them already, and they are so much easier to shop for than one pieces.  If Luke and I had our own private beach, I would wear them forever!  But, on the other hand, I feel self-conscious wearing a bikini because it doesn't feel right to be showing so much skin. 
A couple years ago I tried on a few singlets, and I ended up running from the dressing room!  They pulled up in the wrong places, pulled down in the wrong places, and were very uncomfortable.  I was disappointed because, at this point in my life, they would be a more genuine expression of where my heart is, and I was hoping to find a one piece that was comfortable--and, to be honest, flattering.  Once in awhile, I just throw a tank top on over my bikini, but that isn't ideal, nor is it all that practical now that I have kiddos who like water and I am going to be spending a lot of time at the pool.

So, I have decided to resume my search for a one-piece.  I may have to look high and low and try on dozens of suits, but I am determined that the next suit I wear out is going to be a one-piece/tankini.  I can't say that I will never wear a bikini again, but I am hoping that this is a step in that direction. 

Two of the websites I have been checking out are Rey Swimwear and Lime Ricki

This one is super cute!
But I wonder if it's comfortable? 
And the likelihood that I will be hitting the pool with styled hair, jewelry,
or makeup is pretty much slim to none...will it still be cute?? :) 
I need to finally put in the effort and at least try wearing a one piece suit.  Wish me luck!
Anyone have a one-piece/tankini that you just love?  Where did you get it?  


  1. I think you must have the body type of that rare 1% for whom a bikini is "more cute" than a tankini or one piece! I've seen a lot more modest and flattering tankinis and one pieces come on the market (I've been doing the hunt for 5 years) and found a really cute one at Sears (a retro red), so regular department stores and the like are starting to have them. Like you, I feel uncomfortable showing that much skin around strangers and neighbors. Good luck!

    Now for that elusive pair of black pumps that stay on my feet...

    1. Thanks for the tip, Trista...I will have to check out Sears. I actually meant to publish this post a couple months ago and, in the meantime, I have found a couple of decent suits--one tankini and one one-piece. I haven't worn the one-piece yet, but it seems promising :).
      Best of luck to you in your quest for suitable pumps! :)

  2. hilarious post as cody and i talk about the bikini/one piece controversy all the time. I love 2 pieces. way more comfortable, sporty, what I'm used to. but, probably not very practical anymore now that I am postpartum on no. 3. I bought 2 tankinis (I can't go to a full one piece yet) from Lands End (.com), last fall/winter when they were on super sale. so far they are really comfortable, nursing friendly, and have SO many different cuts and styles you can find one for your body. I have to say that I got the skimpiest cut, which is not that revealing on lands end.

  3. Oh, and last summer (2011) I wore a nike/sporty 2 piece instead of a true bikini. still the comfort of 2 piece, but a bit more coverage.

    1. I will check out Lands End, too, Erin--thanks! Any furthur developments on a possible trip out to CO?? :) Keep us posted.

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  5. I really like Rey swimwear! I was eyeing several last summer but the one I really liked was out of stock! They have super cute swimsuits...I'm sure you will be able to find something you like! Good luck...and order early:-)

  6. I have a tankini and it's super cute, comfortable, and flattering. I got it from swimco