Friday, January 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes (6)

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1)  I am due to birth a baby in less than two weeks, people!  That's probably not crazy news for all of you, but I have to pinch myself every time I say it.  On the one hand, I am SO excited to meet the newest addition to our family, but on the other hand, I just don't feel quite ready.  It's like the due date just crept up on us. But, ready or not, I am jonesin' for some newborn snuggle sessions...and I am actually looking forward to labor, too, in my own twisted way. 

2)  Yesterday, Luke was trying to hold me on his lap on the couch, and this popped out of his mouth {about my 38-week pregnant belly}: 

"Thank God that it's kinda gradual because that thing's HUGE! 
I mean if you just came home with that one day..."  

Good thing I know he loves me.

3)  Some ladies from our church's Young Adult Club and myself have been meeting weekly to discuss Scott Hahn's A Father Who Keeps His Promises.  For anyone who wants a better understanding of what is going on in the long, confusing books of the Old Testament, I would highly recommend it!

4)  To all of you who have had babies before, what is the one thing you wouldn't leave out of your "hospital" bag?  We are actually having the baby at a birthing center, so our stay will be relatively short, but I would love to hear your ideas.  In case you were wondering, I haven't packed the bag yet.  

5)  I am really excited to order the bedding for our wee baby, but I have to wait until he/she is born so I can make the appropriate selection.  Anyway, these are my top three for a girl {in reverse favorite order}...thoughts??  I could really use some input.

6)  Oh, and "what if it's a boy," you ask? {which, by the way, is where I am currently of three days ago}.  Well, to be honest, at this point if we have a boy, not only will I not have the bedding picked out and ready to order, but he will also not have a name.  Seriously.  Luke keeps reassuring me that we have narrowed it down to six--um, that's not very good.  A few more things to add to my "before-you-go-into-labor" list...    And since I am asking your opinion on everything today, if you have a suggestion for a boy name you want to share, feel free to leave that in the comment box as well :).

7)  On Sunday, we are having Augustine's birthday party.  I guess that is when I will have to officially accept that he is two.  I still act like he is my baby--and I suppose in some ways, he always will be.  But I know he will do a lot of growing up in the next couple of months as he takes on the role of "big brother"--it will be bittersweet.  
He is already a great big brother...


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  1. As for the hospital bag, put in a rice heating sack or something of that sort. It felt so good just to keep warm, but was so helpful with all the painful cramping during nursing. And you know the names i like. Tennnyson...or Emerson :) but i'm hoping for a girl!!! love you :)