Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Change in our Bedtime Routine

Tonight, for the first time ever, Augustine went to bed for the night without nursing first.  After his bath, I gave him a small cup of whole milk to sip on while Luke read him stories, which he did drink.  When stories were over, Luke handed him to me so I could nurse him.  Usually, he can't wait to get into my arms for milk.  Sometimes we even have to forgo stories because he is too excited about his milk.  But tonight I had to coerce him to settle down enough to begin sucking because he was too excited aobut his book!  Instead of "mi, mi, mi," tonight it was just "boh, boh, boh."  So I quickly handed him back to Luke, and we all read a few more books together. 

And then we put him in his crib and gave him lots of hugs and kisses and his two "b's" {blankies}.  He gave us hugs and kisses and "pats," still requesting his book but mentioning nothing about milk.  After a final kiss and "goodnight," we walked out of his room.  He protested for about 30 seconds, which is typicaly even when he nurses before bed.  And then he was asleep.  I am curious about how tonight will go and if this is really the end of nursing before bed.  I think it is probably for the best.  After all, he has to stop nursing before bed at some point, and maybe he will start sleeping through the night now {fingers crossed--all of them!!}.  I am sure there will still be nursings before naps and for comfort during the day once in awhile, so I am not getting too emotional about the possibility of losing this nighttime nursing.

Ah, my little guy is growing up...


  1. Wow - sounds like it went smoothly. I hope it continues to go well!

  2. So very exciting!!! I hope that it is the start of something amazing, lol :)