Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Little Mischief Maker!

When I shower in the morning ,everyday when I get the chance, Augustine has free reign of his room, my [and Luke's] room, the hallway connecting the two...and our bathroom. For the most part, I don't mind letting him roam free for 10 minutes--within shouting distance of me--while I take a quick shower. After all, he has little opportunity to get into trouble in the bedrooms or hallway, and if I ever want to shower, it's my only option [aside from putting him in his crib, which would NOT go over well].

But our bathroom isn't exactly babyproof! Shutting the door isn't an option because I need to know that I could hear him if he really needed me...but keeping him out of trouble in there is also tough. I often find myself making silly faces at him through the glass, singing songs to him...and saying, "No, no" whenever he heads toward any number of hazards, including the toilet. Sometimes he heeds my warnings...and other times he ignores me, as I watch [defenslessly] from behind the shower door.

Take yesterday morning, for example. When I got into the shower, Augustine was happily playing with toys in his room. Five minutes later, however, he had made his way into my bathroom [despite my best efforts to keep him out, our bathroom has become one of his favorite rooms in the house]. As I shampood my hair, I watched my little rebel get into the cabinet under our sink and pull out the nail polish remover--perfect, I thought, a call to poison control is not on my list of things to do today. Then I watched as he maneuvered, polish remover in hand, toward the toilet bowl [seat up].

"No, no," I said, and he amicably backed away from the toilet. Good boy!

He got distracted by the scale for a bit, then back under the sink to see what else he could find! Meanwhile, I finished washing my hair, shaved my legs, lost track of the little bugger...and looked up just in time to see him pulling up on the toilet. "No, n-..." Splash! There goes my nail polish remover --nice.

I quickly rinsed my hair and got out to put an end to the maddness. I glanced in the toilet on my way out of the bathroom [knowing full well that the nail polish remover would remain in the toilet until my hubby got home to fish it out], and what do you think I saw?

A GIANT bobby pin was my first thought--my mind was playing games with me. So I looked a little closer. My glasses! What a sneaky [and funny] little boy I have!

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  1. Cole and I had a good chuckle reading this! love you:)..and we love our sneaky Godson!